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LEELEN Was Invited To Participate In

  • November 22, 2019

The forum brought together experts, scholars, property management representatives and supplier representatives in the property industry chain, and invited 1,150 participants from Department of housing and Urban-Rural Development of Hubei Province and related associations to attend the conference. At the same time, the forum also serves as a project cooperation and docking platform, providing market development opportunities for manufacturers, service providers and operators in the wider field, and promoting a number of projects to sign contracts.

Mr.Wang Yuanchun, deputy dean of the Internet of things technology research institute of LEELEN shared the following contents with the theme of “Property Management in the Construction of Smart Community” at the forum:

Smart property is an important application scenario in the smart community. In recent years, AIOT, 5G and blockchain technologies have promoted the rapid development of smart communities and brought new development opportunities for the property management industry. LEELEN has been in the building industry for nearly 30 years in the building intercom industry, and its comprehensive strength ranks among the best in the industry. LEELEN takes the building intercom as the entrance and focuses on the community field, providing professional smart home, smart community overall equipment solutions and comprehensive services. In view of the problems existing in current property management, taking various vertical application scenarios in the smart community as an example, from the perspectives of safe communities, affordable housing management, and old residential renovation, it is proposed how smart properties can be closely integrated with the development of smart communities. Improve the basic property services, realize value-added property services and expand the ideas of the derivatives industry services. From management to service to operational mode, we will continue to explore business opportunities, promote the integration and development of the entire industry chain, and achieve industrial transformation and upgrading.

With the acceleration of urbanization, property management has shown an unprecedented rate of development in recent years, and has achieved a series of gratifying achievements. The event demonstrated the new features, new technologies and new achievements of the property management industry in the process of transformation and upgrading, and created a better communication platform for both the property management supply and demand sides.
LEELEN has been vigorously promoting smart homes, smart community products and solutions. With the maturity of technology and cost reduction, it has been widely promoted across the country and achieved good response. In the future, we hope to continuously improve product functions and solve problems with the most advanced technology.In order to more effectively meet the full range of customer needs.

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