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LEELEN won the "Intelligent Creation of Everything Award" by IFLYTEK

  • December 14, 2020

On October 23, the 2020 IFLYTEK Global 1024 Developers Festival officially kicked off in Hefei, Anhui. LEELEN was invited to participate again as a strategic partner of IFLYTEK, and won the "2020 IFLYTEK Global 1024 Developers Festival Outstanding Developer Team-Intelligent Creation of Everything Award", Zhang Tao, the vice president of LEELEN Internet of Things Technology Research Institute, attended the award ceremony.

The IFLYTEK Global 1024 Developers Festival is an artificial intelligence event with AI developers as the audience. It was hosted by IFLYTEK. A total of 9118 teams from around the world participated in the AI Developer Competition, 491 companies exhibited more than 1,000 AI-enabled products online, 116 online forums and 11 offline forums were held simultaneously... It is a festival for AI developer’s Grand event.

Since LEELEN signed a strategic cooperation agreement with IFLYTEK, the two parties have carried out in-depth cooperation in cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent voice interactive applications and other fields, and jointly developed and launched a new generation of smart home AI center Magic Pro. It integrates multi-dimensional interactions such as voice, App, and touch control, and integrates functions such as building intercom, video surveillance, security alarm, and home control.

A Mopai Pro is the whole house intelligence, which can replace multiple smart items to realize the intelligent control of the home. With community equipment, seamless connection between community and home life scenes can be realized.

Mopai Pro uses the industry's first neural network-based acoustic processing algorithm to support precise control of scenes or smart items through voice commands. It is compatible with online and offline recognition and can hear clearly, understand, and better meet your needs without an external network. In addition, Mopai Pro is also an intelligent helper, docking and covering a large number of third-party platforms, providing more life information services, such as weather information, hot news, and knowledge questions and answers.

The winning of this award is an affirmation and expectation for LEELEN. In the future, LEELEN will continue to work closely with IFLYTEK and its partners, based on the development needs of the entire industry, and constantly pursue breakthroughs and innovations, and contribute to the development of the artificial intelligence industry.

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