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LEELEN Won the "Top Ten Building Intercom Brand" Award Again!

  • January 06, 2021

On December 30, the 2020 China Internet of Things Industry Conference and Brand Event co-sponsored by HC Internet of Things and HC Electronics Network was held in Guangzhou. With the theme of "Wisdom Connecting Everything, Creating the Foundation", the conference gathered 20+ senior industry experts, business leaders and 300+ elite representatives in one hall. With its outstanding performance in the security field and high-quality brand reputation, LEELEN once again won the "Top Ten Building Intercom Brand" award.

Based on the principle of fair and authoritative selection, through [300,000+ WeChat voting, 13 authoritative industry experts review, 500+ engineering business surveys] and other links, this brand selection is based on the scale of the company, the profitability of the company, the product/technological innovation ability, all-round evaluation and scoring of brand awareness, etc., finally decided the top 10 awards.

In a wave composed of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the development of the artificial intelligence industry requires precipitation and accumulation, as well as sublimation and innovation. In the nearly 30 years of development, LEELEN has always adhered to R&D and technology as the core, and more than 8% of the annual sales income is invested in R&D, keeping up with market development and customer needs. Paying attention to customer accumulation and insisting on quality precipitation are important beliefs of LEELEN's sustainable development.

In the future, LEELEN will continue to strengthen its own research and development capabilities, make full use of brand advantages, further improve product quality, enrich product categories and improve product grades, and launch more comprehensive solutions suitable for multiple scenarios, enhance the company's core competitiveness and help the rapid and healthy development of the intercom industry.

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