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Major breakthrough | LEELEN smart and safe community solution successfully applied to Zhangjiakou Yushan Mansion

  • July 08, 2020

With the long-term efforts of the Shijiazhuang branch, the LEELEN smart and safe community Solution was successfully applied to the Yushan residence in Zhangjiakou city. The project was greatly affirmed by the Zhangjiakou City Government and the Public Security Bureau. The government requested that the intelligence of the Yushan residence be citywide promotion and management of standardized standards, help modernize social governance, and build smart and safe communities.

Smart and safe community

The LELEN smart and safe community solution adopts a "cloud-edge-end" architecture, starting from the three dimensions of public security prevention and control, community management, and serving people's livelihood, using cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, AI artificial intelligence and other technologies to integrate intelligence temperature measurement access control, man and vehicle bayonet, video monitoring, property management and other systems realize the automatic collection of information, scientific collection of data, panoramic analysis of the platform, and community joint governance.

As the latest high-end residential project created by Rongqiang Group, Yushan residence adopts the most advanced community intelligent coverage and management, which integrates intelligent collection, intelligent early warning, and intelligent prevention functions. The owner can communicate with the property through the App to achieve contactless Face recognition infrared temperature measurement, a variety of intelligent door opening methods, door open linkage call elevator, personnel early warning management, vehicle traffic and early warning management and other functions.

Real-time monitoring of personnel and vehicle trajectories, equipment status, emergencies, etc., real-time transmission of entry and exit records and captured images to the platform, street office, community police and community property co-governance, comprehensively improve the level of community technical defense.

Based on the "one standard and three real" information collection, flexible and diverse information collection methods, the collected information can be pushed to the corresponding platform according to the needs of the government and public security, to achieve data integration and sharing, combined with the government public security business management needs, can quickly locate, on-site investigation to help community prevention and control.

The Zhangjiakou Municipal Government and the Public Security Bureau attached great importance to LEELEN smart and safe community solution adopted by Yushan Mansion and highly praised it. The LEELEN smart and safe community solution effectively improved the owner’s happiness index and safety index, and made due contributions to the security of the Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics. Next, LEELEN will continue to deepen the construction of the community intelligent system, create a calm and elegant home experience for the owners of Yushan residence, and start a new imagination of the future human settlement.

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