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  • LEELEN Technology joins hands with Yiree Healthy Home to speed up the whole-house smart new retail layout
    LEELEN Technology joins hands with Yiree Healthy Home to speed up the whole-house smart new retail layout

    In 2022, whole-house intelligence will become the "main theme". As an industry leader, LEELEN will add another important strategic partner in the smart home field after joining hands with Shangpin Zhaipei. On August 5, LEELEN and Yiree held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. Chen Xuli, chairman of LEELEN Group, Zhao Liangyu, general manager of LEELEN Smart Life Hall, heads of LEELEN Business Units, Pan Shuiming, chairman of Xiamen Yiree Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Pan Shuihua, general manager, Liu Jie, assistant to the chairman, participated in the signing ceremony and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Since the beginning of this year, favorable policies for whole-house intelligence have appeared frequently at the national level. In April, the "Opinions on accelerating the construction of a national unified market" clearly stated that it is necessary to promote the unification of standards in the fields of smart home and security, and explore the establishment of a smart device identification system. The trend of smart home industry development from single product intelligence to whole house intelligence is obvious. IDC predicts that the sales of China's whole house intelligence market will exceed 10 billion yuan in 2022, a significant increase of 54.9% year-on-year. Under this situation, LEELEN took the lead in launching the LEELEN Smart Life Hall, and joined hands with more than 50 first-line brands in the building materials and home furnishing industry to create a business model of "whole house intelligence, home furnishing and brand direct sales", bringing users a better brand, better price, better service, to achieve a new retail experience of offline experience and online ordering. "LEELEN takes 'making people live in a five-star home' as its corporate mission, and continues to accelerate its development on the smart home track, and is committed to allowing people to live in a smarter, safer, more convenient, more comfortable and more harmonious home. "Chen Xuli said. Xiamen Yirui, which started with R&D and production, aimed at the rapid development of the sleep industry, and began to deploy the intelligent sleep industry in 2020. With the accumulation of leading software development, Internet of Things application development, and metal and wood processing production and manufacturing capabilities, Yirui pioneered the use of bio-radar for all-round sleep monitoring. The data algorithm of this technology in millimeter-wave radar and its stable application in the bedroom space are far ahead of the domestic industry. Pan Shuiming said that 2022 is the first year of Yiree's "Easy Sleeping Strategy". Adhering to the concept of "creating a healthy sleep space", it uses intelligent technology, ergonomic design and home aesthetics to provide users with a complete solution for healthy sleep space, including smart sleep systems, sleep aid products, smart beds and surrounding home furnishing products, extending the humani...

  • LEELEN attended the 2022 China Smart Bathroom Industry Development Summit
    LEELEN attended the 2022 China Smart Bathroom Industry Development Summit

    On July 27th, the 2022 China Smart Bathroom Industry Development Summit and China Smart Bathroom Supply Chain Improvement Exchange Conference with the theme of "Concentrate on Strength, Enjoy the Future" was grandly held in Xiamen. This summit was hosted by China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, organized by the Association's Smart Home Branch and Zhongjie.com. It brought together representatives of the smart bathroom industry and supply chain companies to discuss the future of the smart industry. Xiamen Lilin Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting. In 2015, with the vigorous development of the Internet and Internet of Things technologies, the consumer demand for smart homes has become increasingly strong. Digital transformation and product intelligence have become new consumption hotspots. Smart bathrooms are also accelerating their integration into the smart home industry. In the process of smart home going to market, product experience is a crucial part, and there are many smart home brands and categories, how to choose products is one of the concerns of consumers. At present, while strengthening the development of the B-end, Lilin is actively deploying the C-end market across the country, and has launched the Lilin Smart Life Experience Pavilion model to bring consumers better brands, better prices, and better services. The convenient service of offline experience and one-stop shopping on the platform allows consumers to enjoy pure home improvement fun. After 30 years of development, LEELEN has accumulated 30 million users and continues to grow at an annual rate of 3 million. LEELEN plans to deploy 2,000 LEELEN Smart Life Halls across the country within three years of planning to increase market volume and brand awareness. It is understood that the operation guarantee of the business model of LEELEN Smart Life Hall lies in the fact that LEELEN has a powerful digital operation platform for LEELEN home service, which consists of four platforms: AIoT, CRM, smart property, and smart community. In the future, LEELEN Smart Home will realize the interconnection of smart security, smart locks, smart window control, smart audio and video, smart home appliances, HVAC environment, energy management, smart lighting, healthy life and smart interactive systems, covering various applications of home intelligence scene to realize whole-house intelligence. Users can flexibly build personalized smart home scenarios such as smart living rooms, smart entrances, smart kitchens, smart bedrooms, and smart balconies according to their own needs. It can be said that this summit comprehensively interprets the development achievements of the smart bathroom industry from multiple dimensions, as well as the opportunities and challenges it faces. In this way, the entire industry will stand at a new starting point and fully promote China's smart bathroom and even smart home industry. As a benchmark enterprise in China's smart home industry, LEELEN wi...

  • "Song of LEELEN" sings LEELEN's 30-year pilot road

    On June 23, a song "Song of LEELEN" was sung in Xiamen, which sang the 30-year journey of Xiamen LEELEN Technology Co., Ltd., and also sang LEELEN's unique "home culture". We are well aware that corporate songs are an important part of corporate culture and an expression of corporate image and corporate spirit. This song must demonstrate LEELEN's spiritual power and enhance the cohesion and sense of belonging of the company.   Since its establishment in 1992, LEELEN has made good products with ingenuity and ingenuity. As a leading enterprise in the industry, it has undertaken the mission of promoting industry standardization and has become an industry standard setter. With the mission of "letting people live in a five-star home", LEELEN is committed to making people live in a smarter, safer, more convenient, more comfortable and more harmonious home. In order to realize this dream, LEELEN continues to maintain product innovation with its profound and solid technical background and professional R&D system, from single access control development to smart door locks, smart home, smart software development and services. Realize the interconnection, intercommunication and interaction of electrified devices in communities and homes.   "Building an international brand and realizing a long-lasting foundation" is Leelen's vision. To strive to realize the vision, Leelen has determined the corporate strategy of "focusing on the community field, building an ecological chain of smart life products, and realizing the interconnection of all things", and the corporate positioning of "integrated solution equipment and service provider for smart communities and smart homes". With the vigorous development of Internet and Internet of Things technologies, LEELEN takes market demand as the guide, lays out the digitalization strategy of enterprise products, continues to increase investment in research and development, and builds a comprehensive operation and management platform for LEELEN smart community. In 2022, while strengthening the development of the B-end, LEELEN will actively deploy the C-end market across the country, and inject new vitality into the brand with the brand-new image of the LEELEN Smart Life Hall.   As a strategic banner, corporate songs are an important expression of ideology and an aggregator of corporate central force. LEELEN leads to walking together and building their dreams together, as sung in "The Song of LEELEN": "The vigorous LEELEN, the foundation of our career, our common home... A flourishing LEEEN, The land of our success, the harbor of our dreams..."

  • LEELEN joins hands with Shangpin Home to build a one-stop smart home solution
    LEELEN joins hands with Shangpin Home to build a one-stop smart home solution

    After 30 years of development, LEELEN has grown into a leading enterprise in the industry, acted as a setter of national and international industry standards, and became a professional provider of overall solution equipment and services for smart communities and smart homes. LEELEN's apartment intercom products range from analog to digital, from smart access control to smart community, from smart home to whole house intelligence, and present a shining quality business card for our customers. It has successively won "China Famous Brand", "China Famous Trademark", "Xiamen City Quality Award, the first government quality award in the security industry", "Ministry of Public Security Science and Technology First Prize", "German Red Dot - Contemporary Good Design Award", by The Ministry of Science and Technology led the "China Innovation Method Competition Fujian Division First Prize" and other honors.   On July 8, LEELEN and Shangpin Home reached a strategic cooperation. At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is coming, and human beings are entering an era of intelligent interconnection of all things with the multi-integration of the IoT, the Internet, and the Internet of Services. A set of intelligent whole-house home furnishing that can perceive, think, evolve and have temperature must be able to provide people with active, accurate, intelligent and efficient services, and realize the dream of "letting people live in a five-star home". This is also the development mission that LEELEN keeps in mind. At the same time, the continuous epidemic has affected and impacted the home furnishing retail industry. Coupled with the changes in the market and the needs of consumer groups, the industry is facing new challenges and development transformation. The trend of large home integration is intensifying, and mutual integration and co construction of a new ecosystem of home scenes have become a new outlet under this trend.   Chen Xuli said that based on the common development direction and complementary advantages of the two parties, LEELEN and Shangpin Home will create a new home service model of whole-house intelligence and whole-house customization, and provide consumers with efficient, high-quality and fast home improvement services. At the same time, home furnishing companies should innovate and change from business models to concepts, and actively embrace market changes. "Product + service" is the core foundation of the cooperation between the two parties. It must be a scene-based experience based on real scenes, so that consumers can feel a good life style, so as to truly meet the needs of consumers for whole-house refurbishment and packaged check-in.   It has always adhered to the concept of "innovative technology serves the home", with user needs as the core, and continues to bring consumers a better experience of home decoration a...

  • LEELEN's new products are launched at the Guangzhou Construction Expo
    LEELEN's new products are launched at the Guangzhou Construction Expo

    On July 8th, China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Expo, known as the "first show platform of champion enterprises" in the large home construction and decoration industry, officially opened in Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Complex. As a professional smart home and smart community overall solution equipment and service provider, LEELEN has always adhered to the leadership of intelligent manufacturing and technological innovation. The smart lifestyle has attracted many visitors to the exhibition.   "Subtract the home life and let people live in a five-star home". The design of LEELEN's booth this time incorporates the new VI, which continues the simple and technological style of the past, and is overall refreshing and fashionable. The total area of the booth is 180 square meters, which is divided into an exhibition area, an experience area and negotiation area. Visitors can experience the futuristic whole-house intelligent life scene. At this construction expo, LEELEN displayed products such as smart switch panels, smart terminals, smart locks, smart lighting, and LEELEN whole house intelligent system 3.0, which attracted a large number of audiences to watch and experience. The most striking ones are the new A10 series smart switch panel and T01 Pro 3D face recognition remote video automatic smart lock.   A10 series smart switch panels include four types of interactive terminals: Magic Control Button Panel, Magic Control Panel (Voice Version), Magic Control Panel (Mobile Version) and Magic Control Knob Panel. "3D face recognition, the night can be opened in seconds, I was attracted by this sentence. There are many smart locks on the market, but this new product of LEELEN has high security level and many functions, which is very good." said the audience at the exhibition. T01 Pro3D face recognition remote video automatic smart lock has financial-level security: the smart lock can be woken up at a distance of 0.7 meters, easily recognized at a height of 1.2-1.9 meters, and quickly unlocked in about 1 second; multi-screen video intercom, can call at the same time 8 devices; support to build scenes with LEELEN smart home devices; eight security guards and eight unlocking methods.   It is worth mentioning that the above new products have all won the "2022 Sunflower Award". As the "Oscar" of the smart home industry, the Sunflower Award has always been in line with the trend of intelligent development and grasped the latest trends in the smart home industry. It is regarded as the industry's highest. Gold-filled awards. The smart home products that won the Sunflower Award represent the highest level in the smart home industry in terms of appearance design, safety quality and technological innovation.   Starting this year, LEELEN and more than 50 leading brands of home building materials have jointly built the LEELEN Smart Life Experience Center. With the innovative model of "whole house intelligence, home furnishing and bra...

  • LEELEN was listed as
    LEELEN was listed as "2022 Smart Home Factory"

    Recently, Xiamen LEELEN Technology Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of "2022 Smart Home Factory" in the selection activity of "Looking for smart home factory" held by Youju and Tencent Home · Shell, and became the first batch of brands listed in the national collection and selection of 2022 smart home factory.   With the dual upgrading of consumption and industry, the concept of smart manufacturing has already penetrated into all aspects of home life. When 5g, Internet of things, cloud computing and other new information technologies run through all links such as design, production, management and service, China's manufacturing industry is no longer a label of "Made in China", but a series of "chains" that integrate intelligent research and development, production and self-sufficiency in the whole process. Among them, digital workshop is not only an important part of intelligent manufacturing, but also the main battlefield of intelligent manufacturing. It is the key to realize the integration of manufacturing resources, green production, cost reduction and efficiency increase. In the intelligent story of LEELEN, Xiang'an IoT industrial base is an important position.   The vacuum chuck of the chip mounter quickly and accurately identifies thousands of components, and cleverly pastes components as small as a few millimeters... In the production workshop of Xiang'an Internet of things industrial base, a fully automatic circuit board Mounter production line is running at full speed. Wang Shenglong, the director of patch process equipment in LEELEN manufacturing center, said that industrialized information production has been run through it. Operators and managers can monitor the production status and order progress in real time through Kanban and even mobile app.   Factory intelligence is an important step in the digital transformation of LEELEN. "We are in a critical period of digital transformation, and we are trying to build a new ecological track of smart life products, which will gradually change people's living habits, improve people's quality of life, create a new smart life experience, and drive a science and technology enabled life with continuous innovation." Chen Xuli, chairman of LEELEN, said. The title of "Smart Factory" confirms the leading position of LEELEN in intelligent production. At the same time, it is also a spur to promote LEELEN to continue to accelerate the digital transformation and become a better Chinese smart brand in the future.

  • LEELEN releases 100 billion brand strategy
    LEELEN releases 100 billion brand strategy

    On June 23, the launch ceremony of LEELEN's 100 billion Strategy Conference and listing was successfully concluded in Xiamen. Fan Gang, a famous economist, attended the event to give a lecture on "digital economy and China's consumption growth", gathered thousands of guests to celebrate LEELEN's "30 years old" and jointly witnessed the new journey of digital transformation of Xiamen LEELEN Technology Co., Ltd. In 2022, the 30th anniversary of LEELEN, LEELEN will practice the social responsibility of national brands. "Over the past 30 years, while doing a good job as an enterprise, we have undertaken social responsibilities, fully supported the charity, education and other public welfare undertakings in Anxi and Xiamen, thanked the society and demonstrated our responsibility." Said Chen Xuli, chairman of LEELEN. At the press conference, LEELEN donated 10 million yuan to establish closer industry university research cooperation with Huaqiao University. The two sides will rely on LEELEN's leading position in the smart community and smart family, deepen cooperation in talent training, laboratory co construction, product development, etc., realize the two-way flow and deep integration of talents and technology, and jointly make new contributions to the construction of a high-quality, high-value, modern and international city in Xiamen. 2022 is a year for LEELEN to open a new chapter. Under the current general environment and trend, how does LEELEN find a way of brand differentiation? Fan Gang, a famous economist, said: the very important application of digital technology in the manufacturing industry is product intelligence, which will become a new consumption hotspot. A new generation of consumers who master new technologies will lead to the trend of changes in consumption structure. In this respect, LEELEN is at the forefront of the industry. At this 30th anniversary brand strategy conference, LEELEN redefined the new digital home decoration mode with the whole house intelligence as the core. This new mode will ignite new consumption hotspots and make LEELEN brand the choice of more consumers. From 1992 to 2022, LEELEN ranked among the top three in the building and apartment intercom industry in China. As a leading enterprise in the industry, LEELEN undertook the mission of promoting the construction of industry standardization and became the industry standard setter. With the vigorous development of Internet and IoT technologies, LEELEN has laid out its product digitization strategy by virtue of its deep and solid technical foundation, efficient and professional R & D system, taking technological innovation as the core and market demand as the guide. This year, while strengthening the development of the b-end, LEELEN will actively layout the national C-end market, and plans to build 2000 smart life experience halls in three years. Xiamen LEELEN Technology Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of LEELEN Group, was established in 2002. After 20 years o...

  • LEELEN 30th Anniversary Ceremony and 100 Billion Strategic Brand Release Summit will be launched
    LEELEN 30th Anniversary Ceremony and 100 Billion Strategic Brand Release Summit will be launched

    From 1922 to 2022, from a small business department to a leader in the security industry, LEELEN, who grew up in Xiamen, kept his original intention and was dedicated to ingenuity. LEELEN manufactures good products with ingenuity, and makes good brands with good products. Moreover, LEELEN chooses one thing to give his life, and LEELEN's 30 years of intensive cultivation and perseverance have made every leap and transformation of LEELEN. This feast decrypts 100 billion business opportunities, unlocks the brand's business dividend model, gathers business partners to achieve common prosperity and progress together, and witnesses the grand event for LEELEN's 30 glory.   Fan Gang, a well-known economist, will come and discuss the development of China's whole-house smart industry, as well as the opportunities and challenges of brands, with the theme of "Digital Economy and China's Consumption Growth", so as to open up a win-win road for you in the future.   On June 23, we discussed new opportunities in China's whole-house intelligent industry with Fan Gang, and worked together to achieve a win-win situation of 100 billion yuan. We will see you in the State Banquet Hall of Xiamen International Conference Center.

  • LEELEN promotes ecological cooperation and builds a smart and safe community
    LEELEN promotes ecological cooperation and builds a smart and safe community

    In May, 9 departments including the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Public Security issued the "Opinions on Further Promoting the Construction of Smart Communities", which clarified that by 2025, a grid-based management, refined service, information-based support, and open and sharing system will be basically built. The smart community service platform has initially been built into a new digital community of wisdom sharing and harmonious co-governance.   The construction of public safety in smart communities is an important part of it. How to weave the "last mile" safe and intelligent network through the IoT, artificial intelligence, big data technology and other new generation information technologies is a topic that the entire industry needs to think about. On June 8, the "Internet of Things Technology Application Consolidates the Security Line of Smart Community" Salon jointly organized by Xiamen IoT Industry Association and Fujian Artificial Intelligence Association was held in LEELEN Guankou Park. Chen Xuli, president of Xiamen LEELEN Technology Co., Ltd., said in his speech: "The future of LEELEN is to be a service and a platform, and products are the foundation. We are committed to developing whole-house intelligence and smart communities. Enterprises in multiple IoT industries are open to cooperation.”   June is the National Safety Production Month. Lin Qimei,Director of Xiamen Emergency Management Bureau, interpreted the "Safety Production Law" on the spot, "We advocate that enterprises pay more attention to safe production and disaster prevention, and develop faster and better on the basis of safety. Nowadays, in addition to civil defense, technical defense and physical defense are more important, and the Xiamen IoT Industry Association can play its advantages and guide enterprises to participate in the construction of safe communities.”   LEELEN has built a safe and smart living space for more than 30 million home users in the fields of apartment intercom, smart community and smart home, and has established a high brand awareness and reputation. Equipped with a powerful LEELEN home service comprehensive operation platform, it can provide users with caring services including security, old and young care, healthy life, and neighborhood exchanges. Chen Dong believes that these are suitable for the construction of smart security communities and can be promoted and applied.   At the same time, LEELEN smart community comprehensive operation and management platform can be deployed according to the actual needs of customers, and the corresponding smart community solutions can be highly customized to meet the needs of new communities, stock communities, apartment residences, affordable housing and other scenarios. Sub-district offices and other departments provide corresponding business support to effectively help the construction of smart and safe communiti...

  • Xu Xipeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Huaqiao University, came to LEELEN to discuss the cooperation between industry, study and research
    Xu Xipeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Huaqiao University, came to LEELEN to discuss the cooperation between industry, study and research

    In order to further strengthen university enterprise cooperation, on May 12, LEELEN sincerely invited Xu Xipeng, Secretary of the Party committee of Huaqiao University, and his delegation to visit LEELEN to exchange and discuss how to promote the in-depth integration of production, study and research. Xu Xipeng, Secretary of the Party committee of Huaqiao University, Wang Xiuyong, vice president, Li Zhongshen, director of the science and technology department and director of the domestic cooperation office, Chen Xuli, chairman of LEELEN, Chen Yihui, general manager, Zhong Jianhua, chief quality officer, and Wang Yuanchun, vice president of LEELEN IoT Technology Research Institute attended the symposium. Chen Xuli, chairman of LEELEN, first introduced the development history and current situation of the company, saying that LEELEN is well aware that scientific and technological innovation and talent construction are powerful engines for high-quality development of the enterprise. Over the past 30 years, LEELEN has attached great importance to talent introduction and always adhered to the path of independent innovation. At present, LEELEN has built two strong business segments, smart community and smart family. It hopes to conclude a new strategic cooperation relationship with Huaqiao university, work with more high-level and sophisticated talents in universities to jointly build a LEELEN Home Service Platform, build an ideal ecological home system, and create a one-stop panoramic service covering the whole life cycle of users, such as product services, life services, housekeeping services, finance and insurance. LEELEN can provide first-class software and hardware conditions for scientific research activities of college teachers and students, and build a broad employment platform for college graduates. The cooperation between schools and enterprises will certainly give full play to the unique advantages of both sides, promote resource sharing, and achieve mutual complementarity, win-win and common development in teaching, scientific research, talent and other fields. Xu Xipeng, Secretary of the Party committee of Huaqiao University, expressed admiration and praise for the development achievements of LEELEN over the years. He believed that LEELEN has a very broad development prospect. At the same time, he said that the two sides have a long history of cooperation. He hoped to take this symposium as a new starting point, establish and improve a long-term cooperation mechanism, and form a two-way flow and deep integration of talents and technology. Let the college's teachers and students go out of the campus, strengthen interaction and exchange with enterprises and industries, and realize more cooperation and transformation of scientific research achievements. The two sides reached an intention of cooperation at the meeting and planned to formally sign the contract at the upcoming 30th anniversary celebration of LEELEN. In the future, the two sides w...

  • LEELEN accelerates the construction of a scientific and efficient product management system
    LEELEN accelerates the construction of a scientific and efficient product management system

    In order to create excellent product power and enterprise competitiveness, and promote the realization of the enterprise strategic goal of "focusing on smart communities, building smart life product ecological chains, and realizing the interconnection of all things", on May 19, our company officially launched the "product management capability improvement" consulting project, and launched a nearly half year management consulting cooperation with Mr. Zhang, the enterprise management consultant of Norsky, The company's leading group headed by Chairman Chenxuli and general manager Chenyihui, the heads of various functional departments, and the product managers of LEELEN IoT technology research institute all participated in the kick-off meeting.   With 30 years of ingenuity and wisdom, LEELEN is well aware of the great significance of the construction of product management system to the development of the company. At present, LEELEN has entered a new stage of development, and has clearly defined the working idea of taking product line management as the starting point and simultaneously improving its operating capacity and profitability. This project will focus on the management of LEELEN smart home products, strive to build a first-class product management system, establish relevant processes of product management, promote the improvement of product life cycle management ability, pull through the management elements of design, production, marketing and functional management, and comprehensively tighten the quality and delivery in key links, so as to ensure the creation of good products that can achieve profitability, and help the development of the company into the fast lane.   At the meeting, President explained the company's future development direction to the participants, saying that optimizing the product management process is an important strategic measure to accelerate the company's high-quality development. Not only must product managers participate, but LEELEN people need to be there. On the premise of clarifying the company's development orientation, identify your own position, participate together, walk together, and achieve a win-win situation.   General Manager Chen Yihui affirmed the efforts and achievements of product managers in recent years, pointed out the current shortcomings, and said that product managers need to abandon empiricism, keep pace with the times, accept new concepts and new management systems, and continuously improve their professionalism, in order to build the core competitiveness of LEELEN in the fierce market competition. At the same time, for this change, it is expected that all staff should pay attention to it, cultivate the talent team and activate the vitality of the team.   Mr. Zhang from Norsky Enterprise Management Consulting explained the content, project implementation plan, tasks and implementation requirements of this consulting management project at the meeting. Afterwards, Mr. Chen...

  • LEELEN adds a sense of technology to the Wuhan Guanggu Youth Community
    LEELEN adds a sense of technology to the Wuhan Guanggu Youth Community

    The life of renting a house is probably a bed as soon as the door is opened, a narrow space, dilapidated tables and chairs, messy household appliances and daily necessities, and a wall may come when the window is opened. This is a portrayal of the renting life of many young people working hard in big cities. In the [ZhiYu·Future] Smart Youth Apartment, Wuhan Guanggu youth will experience an ideal smart life with infinite possibilities: open the door, say "I'm back~" The lights gradually turn on and the curtains automatically open. And the air conditioner has been adjusted to a comfortable temperature, listen to your favorite music, and enjoy the warmth of your home. At home, you can turn on and off the lights, open and close curtains, turn on and off music or TV through Mopai Smart Terminal. In addition, movie viewing mode, dining mode, reading mode, party mode, sports mode, and various home scenes can be set as you like; before going out, the lights and curtains are automatically turned off with the sentence "I'm going out~", and the home security is activated, so it is not necessary to be in a hurry. It's like living in a "smart family housekeeper" who can listen, speak and understand you. This is a high-end rental housing carefully created by Hubei Science and Technology Investment, a state-owned enterprise in Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone, together with LEELEN and the leading voice AI company, iFLYTEK. [ZhiYu·Future] As soon as the apartment opened, young people from key enterprises such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Aerospace Science and Industry Co., Ltd. have applied for occupancy. The total volume of the project is 550000 square meters. The first smart community long-term rental apartment project in Wuhan integrating apartments, kindergartens, commerce, hotels, maker space and related supporting facilities has been built to meet the living needs of more than 10000 people. The project is equipped with LEELEN Mopai Mini Super Terminal, electric curtain, WiFi infrared home appliance controller, wireless gateway, intelligent switch panel, etc. As the AI center of smart home, Mopai Mini Super Terminal supports the connection of hundreds of smart home devices, and is equipped with iFLYTEK's offline hybrid interactive technology scheme to realize the voice intelligent control of the whole house smart home with external network and the voice control ability of common home devices without external network. In addition to voice, the Mopai Mini also integrates multi-dimensional interaction methods such as touch, button and App. LEELEN intelligent switch panel adopts a modular design, and users can use it freely. [Zhiyu · future] flexibly selects 1-key intelligent switch, 2-key intelligent switch and 3-key intelligent switch. LEELEN intelligent switch panel can be used as a double control switch, and can also be linked with other intelligent devices according to living habits to realize rich and efficient scene control. Science and technology enable a beaut...

  • LEELEN won the bid for Love Real Estate's digital intercom strategy
    LEELEN won the bid for Love Real Estate's digital intercom strategy

    Recently, LEELEN stood out from many bidding brands by virtue of excellent product power, technical power, service power, brand power and other comprehensive strength in the project bidding of Love Real Estate Group. With its leading advantage in the real estate field, LEELEN won the exclusive bid for the strategic collection of intelligent digital intercom system of Love Real Estate Group in 2022-2023!   Established in 2018, Love Real Estate is a large-scale diversified comprehensive enterprise group integrating real estate development, commercial operation and property services. As of March 2022, its total land bank area was nearly 20 million square meters, with a total value of more than 100 billion. As a national cutting-edge brand real estate enterprise with rapid growth, Love Real Estate takes "low-carbon smart city operator" as its vision and "creating a new ecology of leading green smart city" as its mission, focuses on caring for people's whole cycle growth, aggregates product innovation and service innovation, adheres to the green concept, creates an ideal life scene for owners in the future and leads the future living lifestyle.   As a smart community, smart home overall solution equipment and service provider with social responsibility, LEELEN has been actively responding to the central government's strategic thinking on green building and environmental protection innovation for a long time, and insists on green innovation. In addition, LEELEN carries out strict requirements in product selection, design, development, etc., to create energy-saving, emission-reduction, green and low-carbon products and platforms, empowering the development of green buildings, and helping to achieve the "dual carbon" goal.   LEELEN digital intercom system is based on the principle of green product life cycle, integrating AI, Internet, mobile communication, security detection, audio and video code and other technologies, with video intercom, cloud intercom, telephone transfer and Control smart home devices, security alarms and other functions. Through LEELEN digital intercom products and digital software and platform, the systematic interconnection of "people, equipment and services" in the whole path of the community can be realized, so as to create a smart life of family and community linkage in the whole scene for the owners, and inject strong impetus into the high-quality development of the industry.   The cooperation is a reflection of the high fit of the development concept. In the future, LEELEN will continue to improve product quality and consolidate its comprehensive strength. At the same time, it will strengthen cooperation with major real estate enterprises such as Love Real Estate Group, seek development through complementary advantages, promote win-win through strategic cooperation, jointly explore the green future, promote the development of green smart real estate and create a high-quality smart living life.

  • LEELEN carries out an intellectual property publicity activity
    LEELEN carries out an intellectual property publicity activity

    In response to the country's call for "Build a strong country with intellectual property rights", in order to further strengthen the intellectual property awareness of employees and improve the creation, application, protection and service level of employees' intellectual property rights, on April 26, the 22nd World Intellectual Property Day, The Intellectual Property Department of LEELEN and LEELEN Headquarters actively organize and carry out intellectual property publicity activities with the theme of "Enterprise Intellectual Property Risk Prevention and Response Strategies". This publicity activity was given by Jiang Xingbiao, who is a researcher of the Information Network and High-tech Law Committee of the All-China Lawyers Association, a part-time master tutor of Xiamen University Intellectual Property Research Institute, and a senior partner of Xinhua International Intellectual Property Organization. During this period, Mr. Jiang made a comprehensive and in-depth interpretation of the intellectual property risks and countermeasures that enterprises may face, including intellectual property risks such as trademark right, patent right and copyright, as well as four strategies to deal with and prevent intellectual property risks, which brought a knowledge feast to the participants. As a professional smart community, smart home overall solution equipment and service provider, a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales service, LEELEN attaches great importance to technological innovation and technological innovation as the driving force for enterprise development. Over the past 30 years, LEELEN has always integrated "innovation" into enterprise technology reform and product research and development, continuously improving product competitiveness, and grasping advantages and initiative in the complex and changing market environment. Up to now, LEELEN has obtained nearly 300 intellectual property rights, including 137 authorized patents and 86 domestic trademarks, and has obtained trademark approval and registration in more than 30 countries including Singapore, the United States, Canada, and the Philippines as well as 61 software copyrights. Besides, there are 5 copyrights of works, and the intellectual property content involves technologies in many fields such as the IoT, the Internet, cloud computing, and Al. At the same time, LEELEN also led and participated in the formulation and revision of a number of international standards and national standards. It is the leading unit and the drafting team leader of the international standards for building Intercom, and the editor-in-chief of the national standard for smart home, with strong comprehensive intellectual property rights. LEELEN realizes that intellectual property protection will become a "New Engine" for enterprise development, so it strengthens the construction of independent intellectual property rights from a strategic level. As early as 2012, LEELEN st...

  • The president of Xiamen Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute visited LEELEN for investigation
    The president of Xiamen Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute visited LEELEN for investigation

    On April 12, the president of Xiamen City Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute Shi Yuan and her party visited our company. Chen Yihui, general manager of LEELEN, Zhong Jianhua, chief quality officer, and Wang Yuanchun, vice president of the Internet of Things Technology Research Institute accompanied them to visit LEELEN Smart Community Experience Hall and LEELEN Smart Life Experience Hall. In the experience hall, our commentator gave a detailed introduction of LEELEN's development history, group overview, business layout and strategic vision to President Shi Yuan and his party. Since its establishment, LEELEN has always adhered to building quality with ingenuity, promoting development with innovation, and creating industry benchmark products with the strength of "ingenuity + innovation". Through continuous intensive cultivation and persistent market operation, it has formed a new development situation in which two business segments of smart community and smart home are developed simultaneously, and three core products of smart access control, smart door lock and smart home are developed together. After 30 years of deep cultivation and precipitation in the industry, LEELEN has maintained a long-term stable and good cooperative relationship with more than half of the top hundreds of real estate developers. Relying on  strong B-end resources, LEELEN makes efforts to deploy the C-end market, and is committed to creating a smart and beautiful life for more users. In 2022, LEELEN will join hands with nearly 50 leading brands in the home building materials industry to jointly build the LEELEN Smart Life Experience Hall. With the innovative business model of "whole house intelligence, home furnishing and brand direct sales", LEELEN will provide users with a full range of smart decoration products with high quality and high price, create a home decoration formula to meet users' needs in an all-round way, and let people enjoy pure home decoration fun. President Shi Yuan and his party personally experienced the smart life in LEELEN Smart Life Experience Hall, and greatly appreciated the high-quality products and service experience. At the scene, the two sides had in-depth communication and exchange on product R&D, research on smart home inspection and detection methods, transformation of scientific and technological achievements and other issues, which laid a good foundation for expanding two-way and normal exchanges and cooperation in the future. As a leading backbone enterprise in Xiamen, LEELEN will continue to play a leading role in demonstration, adhere to ingenuity, intelligent manufacturing and innovative development, continuously improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, help the healthy and rapid development of the industry, and make greater contributions to promoting regional economic development!

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