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  • LEELEN Old Community Renovation Solution Accurate Service and Efficient Empowerment
    LEELEN Old Community Renovation Solution Accurate Service and Efficient Empowerment

    In recent years, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to the renovation of old urban communities, emphasizing the need to speed up the renovation of old communities, continuously improve urban management and services, and completely change the extensive management mode to make urban life more convenient, comfortable and better for people. However, for engineering companies, the renovation of old residential areas is difficult: the original facilities are aging, the failures are constant, and the wiring is difficult to construct. If the equipment fails, it needs to go to the site to solve it. It is difficult to improve the operation and maintenance, and the cost of workers and material resources is high. The protocol is highly privatized, various brands and systems are incompatible, and integration is difficult.   In view of this pain point, LEELEN carried out iterative upgrades on the basis of the original old community renovation solutions, taking “remaining, renovating and building” as the innovation and breakthrough point, and continued to inject “new” vitality into the “old” community. Since the launch of the plan, LEELEN has successfully undertaken the renovation of a large number of old communities across the country, and has been widely recognized by the market and fully reported by mainstream media.   Hierarchical transformation, choose on demand   LEELEN's old community renovation solution makes full use of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, AI artificial intelligence and other technologies, takes access control renovation as the core renovation foundation, and realizes face recognition, cloud intercom, visitor management, etc. At the same time, it can expand functions such as cloud parking, video surveillance, elevator calling, security alarm, property management, community service, etc., support smart home upgrade and transformation, and effectively improve the quality of life of residents.   The plan covers three levels of renovation plans, including basic renovation to meet the renovation and upgrading of residents' safety infrastructure; perfect renovations to meet residents' needs for convenience and improved life; upgrading renovation to improve residents' quality of life and provide richer community services. The advantages of the plan are obvious: modular design of functions, selection on demand; intelligent construction and operation and maintenance, effective cost reduction; easy expansion of the step-by-step transformation plan, large profit margins in the later period, which greatly empowers engineers and integrators.   Multi-screen interaction to enhance stickiness   The software components of the solution include a smart community management and control platform for public security, a community governance platform for street office and neighborhood committee staff, a smart community platform for property personnel, a property app named Le Butler ...

  • The first store of LEELEN Smart Life Experience Center in Xiamen is grandly opened!
    The first store of LEELEN Smart Life Experience Center in Xiamen is grandly opened!

    The first store of LEELEN Smart Life Experience Center in Xiamen is grandly opened. How can customers who want to decorate improve the quality of decoration and home life while reducing the cost of time, money and energy? How to solve the pain points of decoration owners and meet the real needs of decoration owners? LEELEN Smart Life Experience Center handed in a perfect answer. In this technological and fashionable experience store, users can not only experience a smart, convenient and comfortable smart home life, but also enjoy one-stop home furnishing services provided by dozens of leading brands of home building materials. The whole process of design, construction, supervision, material supply and after-sales service.   LEELEN Smart Life Experience Hall (Jiangtou Store) has a total of 3 floors. The space on the first floor displays the top ten intelligent systems and products of LEELEN Whole House Intelligence, as well as various types of home furnishing products such as pipes, coatings, and boards. and standard construction procedures and other decoration service knowledge; the second floor is a smart scene experience area, where users can not only intuitively see the matching effect of various households, but also experience the "smart home" in person.   In the smart living room, through the Mopai super terminal, you can start the meeting or leisure scene with one sentence, the air conditioner will automatically start, the TV will automatically play the show, and the curtains will automatically open and close. The comfortable environment makes conversation and entertainment more relaxed and comfortable; in the smart restaurant, The smart terminal can create a perfect dining atmosphere with just one click or a word. Lighting, music or romance or warmth, the dining trip is even more wonderful.   In the smart bedroom, one step to create a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment, and enjoy 365 days of sound sleep; in the smart bathroom, products such as magic mirrors and smart toilets give more possibilities to a healthy bathroom life. Here, you can customize your own smart home in one stop and enjoy the N possibilities of smart home life.   After the opening ceremony, Chairman Chen Xu Li invited all partners to visit LEELEN's new headquarters in Guankou, and to share and communicate on the operation mode of LEELEN Smart Life Experience Center. Chen Dong said that under the background of the big upgrade of home improvement consumption, the whole-house intelligent upgrade and the Internet-based home improvement have become an irresistible development trend. Through the innovative business model of "whole house intelligence, home furnishing, and brand direct sales", LEELEN Smart Life Experience Museum has tied its partners together to bring users better brands, prices and services. Users can go to offline stores to enjoy the real-life experience to make purchases, or they can place orders directly on the store smart scree...

  • Highlight Moment! LEELEN Wins 7 Awards and Continues to Write a New Chapter with Strength
    Highlight Moment! LEELEN Wins 7 Awards and Continues to Write a New Chapter with Strength

    With high-quality intelligent products and solutions, LEELEN has once again been highly affirmed by the industry based on its outstanding performance in product development and innovation and its strong brand influence. In just a few days, honors followed one after another. Won the "Ding Zhi Award" Real Estate Application Innovative Products, "Smart Community Top Ten Brands", "Smart Home Top Ten Brands", "Smart Community Innovative Products/Solutions", "Golden Cauldron Award", "2021 Top 10 China Public Security Influential Brands” add another highlight to LEELEN's 29-year glorious development. 2021 Smart Home Market Innovation Conference-"Top Wisdom Award" Real Estate Application Innovation Product Award LEELEN L09 smart lock is the industry's first community-linked smart door lock, which can be linked with community properties to build the first line of defense for family safety. When the property platform receives an anti-prying alarm or a hijacking alarm issued by the owner, it can quickly dispatch property personnel to check and deal with it, and give the owner 24-hour security protection. The L09 smart lock comes with an independent doorbell and electronic peephole, which can be linked with indoor smart terminals to realize local and remote visual intercom, support video monitoring and remote door opening and other functions. Smart life is in place in one step, and security guards are upgraded in multiple dimensions. 2021 AIoT Innovative Application Billboard Selection and Award Ceremony——Top Ten Brands in Smart Communities, Top Ten Brands in Smart Home On December 24th, the 2021 AIoT Innovative Application Billboard Selection Award Ceremony hosted by a&s Safety Automation was successfully held in Shenzhen. With outstanding achievements and contributions in the industry, and strong brand strength, LEELEN won the "Top Ten Brands in Smart Community" and "Top Ten Smart Home Brands" two major awards. Innovative products/solutions for smart communities-solutions for the transformation of old communities At the same time, LEELEN’s solution for old communities accurately solves the pain points of old communities and continues to inject “new” vitality into the “old” communities. At the award ceremony, it was awarded the “Smart Community Innovative Products/Solutions” . The 18th CPSE Leading Enterprise Award On December 25th, the "Golden Cauldron Award" and "Leading Enterprise" awards ceremony, the highest honor of the 18th CPSE Expo, was held in Shenzhen. As a well-known enterprise in the industry, LEELEN was invited to attend the ceremony, and with its extremely high brand influence Power, product innovation and technological research and development capabilities won the "Top Enterprise" award. LEELEN's "Smart S10 Ultra-thin Smart Terminal" is thinner, more textured, and more powerful, fully demonstrating the beauty of the home and other advantages, and won the "Golden Cauldron Award" from many competing products. 2021 Top 10 China Public Secur...

  • LEELEN Won the
    LEELEN Won the "Top Ten Building Intercom Brands" Again

    On December 9, the 2021 "China Intelligent Building Brand Award" award ceremony co-hosted by Qianjia Zhike and Qianjia Brand Lab was grandly held in Guangzhou. As a leading brand in the industry, LEELEN was invited to participate in the "China Intelligent Building Brand Award" ceremony with dozens of experts and leaders in the intelligent building industry and more than 200 well-known brand representatives of intelligent building. With excellent brand strength and good market reputation, LEELEN won the honor of "Top Ten Building Intercom Brands in 2021" and returned with great reputation! The "China Intelligent Building Brand Award" is based on the annual brand value index. After 20 years of development, it has become the "Oscar" in the intelligent building industry. LEELEN's ability to win the honor of "Top Ten Building Intercom Brands" for many years is a manifestation of the high recognition of LEELEN both inside and outside the industry. LEELEN has been deeply involved in the intercom field of buildings and apartments for nearly 30 years, and is the leading enterprise in building intercoms. As a practitioner of a better life, LEELEN always takes “Let people live in a five-star home” as its corporate mission, “provides customers with value-for-money products and services” as its purpose, and focuses on product competitiveness and users in terms of experience and other aspects, we continue to increase product research and development efforts and continue to introduce new ones. LEELEN digital intercom system integrates AI artificial intelligence, Internet, mobile communication, security detection, audio and video codec and other technologies, allowing residents to easily use locally and realize visual intercom, cloud intercom, and call forwarding functions. , it can also realize the functions of checking the status of the elderly and children at home at any time through the Internet through mobile phones or remote computers, video calls with family members, control of smart home equipment, security alarms and other functions. With its leading product technology system and mature project implementation capabilities, nearly half of the top hundreds of real estate companies such as China Merchants Shekou, Vanke, and Country Garden have established long-term and stable strategic partnerships with LEELEN. More than 40,000 LEELEN intelligent projects have been put into use across the country. , The products have entered more than 30 million households and are well received by users. Over the years, LEELEN has been constantly walking and ingenuity, and has become a very powerful professional smart community and smart home overall solution equipment and service provider. In the future, LEELEN will continue to strive for excellence in product R&D and innovation, quality control, and user services. With strong brand power and advanced strategic vision, LEELEN will strive to build a safer, more efficient and intelligent digital life for users.

  • LEELEN Won the Honor of “Top 10 National Security Brands
    LEELEN Won the Honor of “Top 10 National Security Brands

    On December 4, 2021, the first National Symposium on Security Engineers and Integrators was successfully held at the Tongzhou Hilton Hotel, the Beijing Sub-center. LEELEN was invited to participate in gathering with security industry experts from all over the country to discuss industry development issues and directions. At the same time, LEELEN also won the “Top 10 National Security Brands" award with its comprehensive and systematic solutions, strong products and meticulous and thoughtful service. LEELEN has been in the security industry for nearly 30 years and has rich experience in product development, manufacturing, quality control, sales and service. Through a sales network at home and abroad, it provides users with comprehensive solutions and high-quality product services. Since its establishment, LEELEN has always strictly controlled quality, and has repeatedly considered every link of design, production, and testing. Its products are exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Italy and other countries and regions, and have been successfully applied in many countries. The strength of the national key projects is obvious to all. In the process of realizing the rapid development of the enterprise itself, LEELEN has also been committed to the construction of industry standards and national standards for a long time, playing an exemplary leading role and driving the coordinated development of the industry. As a leading company in the industry, LEELEN keeps pace with the times and follows the national policy to launch old community renovation solutions covering three levels of renovation plans, including basic renovation, perfect renovation, and upgrading renovation. The program has obvious advantages: functional modular design, selection on demand; intelligent construction and operation and maintenance, effectively reducing costs; easy expansion of the staged transformation program, large profit margins in the later stage, and greatly empowering engineers and integrators. Under the new consumption trend, LEELEN proposed a new business model of "whole house intelligence, home furnishing, brand direct management", and joined hands with leading brands in the home building materials industry to jointly attract investment. In the next two years, LEELEN will deploy thousands of LEELEN Smart Life Experience Halls in major cities across the country to create high-quality smart home life for thousands of families. Relying on the advantages of LEELEN's brand, resources, operations, services, and all-round assistance system, LEELEN Smart Life Experience Hall will create a trillion-level home furnishing market wealth feast for partners and help projects Businesses and integrators have realized transformation and upgrading under this opportunity. In the future, society is bound to be perceivable, interconnected, and intelligent, and an ecological community of win-win cooperation. LEELEN will continue to improve its service level, continuousl...

  • LEELEN Manufacturing Center Organizes Activities
    LEELEN Manufacturing Center Organizes Activities

    In order to give full play to the exemplary role of outstanding employees, comprehensively improve the overall quality of workshop employees, and promote the steady improvement of workshop work quality and efficiency, recently, LEELEN Manufacturing Center launched the first "passing and leading" activity, which was selected for the comprehensive evaluation of "passing and leading ". "Star" issued the letter of appointment. Leaders including LEELEN Human Resources Director Huang Kunqiang, Manufacturing Center Director Yang Song, and Manufacturing Center Deputy Director Lin Zhixiong attended the event.   Passing and leading, that is, in the company or in the team, using the method of "using the old to bring the new" to carry out work, imparting experience, and helping employees grow. The company’s implementation of the "Teacher and Apprentice" talent training model is a good on-site talent training measure, which can not only help new employees grow quickly to meet competency standards, but also enhance their sense of belonging. Stability also helps both the master and the apprentice to influence and promote each other, and it can also drive the people around and form a positive working atmosphere, which is conducive to the long-term development of the company.   In the opinion of Director Yang, the director of the Manufacturing Center, old employees are the company's precious wealth and an important disseminator of corporate culture. The old employees' every move in their daily work all plays a role model, whether it is positive or negative, it always affects the working atmosphere of the company and other employees. In order to prevent the "passing and guiding" activities from becoming a mere formality and to give full play to their actual effects, the activities have clearly stipulated the terms of appointment, obligations, responsibilities and powers of old employees, and the responsibilities and obligations of new employees. Set up a certain assessment and reward mechanism to ensure the smooth and effective execution of activities.   Director Huang of Human Resources took the stage to give a speech. He said that "passing and helping" work is a two-way interactive work, which can create a learning organization and team, form a harmonious and mutually helpful atmosphere, and help old and new employees interact to grow together. Mr. Huang said that LEELEN is known for his family culture. In order to help employees improve themselves in an all-round way, LEELEN has set up a complete set of systematic learning and training mechanisms, including professional skills and quality development, and has built multiple channels to help employees improve themselves. Everyone has a chance to shine. Because in LEELEN's view, the company belongs to the employees and the employees are the wealth of the company.   LEELEN was established in 1992. Currently, the comprehensive strength of the company ranks among the top three in the intercom ind...

  • The
    The "Enterprise Service Workstation" of the Investment Promotion Center was Established in the Xiang'an Base of LEELEN Internet of Things Industry

    In order to meet the urgent needs of enterprises in the Xiang'an Base of LEELEN Internet of Things Industry for unified, coordinated, orderly, efficient and convenient government services, on October 19, LEELEN invited Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone Investment Service Center Co., Ltd. The company officially set up "Enterprise Service Workstation" in Xiang'an Base of LEELEN Internet of Things Industry, and held an unveiling ceremony. At this event, LEELEN Property General Manager Weng Zhichao delivered a speech. He first expressed his gratitude to the entrepreneurs of the parks and professional teams of Torch Investment for choosing to settle in LEELEN Park. At the same time, Mr. Weng pointed out that with the completion of the third phase of the park's acceptance work, the hardware facilities of the LEELEN Park will be gradually improved, and the supporting services of the park enterprises will be improved. "Next, we will start from the needs of business development of corporate customers and introduce more and better social resources into the park to help the park enterprises develop better." At the scene, Li Chunfu, deputy general manager of the China Merchants Center, introduced the original intention and vision for the establishment of the workstation. He said that the workstation will continue the work spirit and attitude of the Merchants Center and do his best to provide "nanny" corporate services. LEELEN Internet of Things Industry Xiang’an Base was built by LEELEN with an investment of 800 million yuan. It covers an area of 116 acres and has a construction area of 178,000 square meters. It includes 9 standard manufacturing plants, 2 park life supporting buildings and 1 park multifunctional activity center. It is a comprehensive science and technology industrial park integrating R&D and office, business display, environmentally friendly customized production, environmentally friendly standard production, and living and business supporting facilities. This time, on the basis of fully investigating the needs of enterprises in the park, LEELEN Property and the Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone Investment Service Center Co., Ltd. set up a service station for enterprises in the park. After the formal operation, the workstation will be equipped with special personnel to take regular shifts and set up special shift windows to meet the needs of corporate government consultation, policy declaration, financial and tax assistance, and corporate qualification agency at the first time, and provide precise and precise window-based, one-stop government services. Realize “build the government service platform at the doorstep of the house and deliver the service to the employees”. The park will also take this opportunity to fully improve the efficiency of enterprise life-cycle management services, provide effective services around the "difficulties", "pain points" and "blocking points" of enterprises, and better promote the efficient operation and high-quality ...

  • LEELEN Won the First Prize of the Fujian Division Finals of the 2021 China Innovation Method Competition
    LEELEN Won the First Prize of the Fujian Division Finals of the 2021 China Innovation Method Competition

    The 2021 China Innovation Method Competition Fujian Division Finals with the theme of "stimulating innovation vitality and promoting self-reliance" was successfully held in Fuzhou. After fierce competition in theoretical written examinations, project roadshow defenses, expert questioning and judging, LEELEN won the first prize among 18 teams and will represent Fujian Province in the national finals. The China Innovation Method Competition is co-sponsored by the China Association for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Science and Technology. It aims to give full play to the positive role of innovative methods in enhancing the innovation power of enterprises and stimulating the innovation vitality of enterprise science and technology talents. Fujian Province has participated in the China Innovation Method Competition for four consecutive years. Up to now, 63 projects from 38 companies have participated in the provincial competition, and seven outstanding projects have been recommended participating in the national finals. With the continuous promotion of innovative methods, the enthusiasm of enterprises in the Fujian competition area has increased year by year, the number of participating companies has increased year by year, and the competition results achieved in the national finals have been continuously improved. In the finals of the Fujian competition, LEELEN's project is to use the TRIZ tool to develop a single-fire system, so as to solve the pain point that the zero-fire smart home control system on the market cannot achieve in-situ replacement. After systematic analysis, practice, and comparison of more than 10 proposed solutions, the project finally chose the best solution, a single-fire smart switch, as the main implementation solution. At present, this solution has been widely used in multiple after-installation smart home cases, and related patents have been applied for. After two days of fierce competition, the LEELEN team stood out with good psychological quality and professionalism. It won the first prize in the Fujian Division and qualified to enter the national finals. This is inseparable from the strong product development and innovation capabilities of LEELEN. Since its establishment, LEELEN has always insisted on innovation-driven development, and took the lead in establishing the industry’s first IoT technology research institute, gathering top talents in domestic hardware electronics, software development, and testing, and investing more than 8% of sales revenue in research and development every year to promote research and development. Technology innovation, the expansion of smart life products, deepen the integration of production, education, research and application, promote the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, and continue to meet the needs of society and the market. Innovation is the first driving force to lead development. In an era of increasingly fierce competition, p...

  • LEELEN Becomes the New Focus of G50 Annual Meeting
    LEELEN Becomes the New Focus of G50 Annual Meeting

    From October 28th to 30th, the 2021 China Real Estate G50 Annual Meeting and the 8th China Real Estate Chairman's Summit with the theme of "reasonable growth and high-quality development" was successfully held in Shanghai. As a leading enterprise in the industry, LEELEN was invited to participate, and received the honor of "Excellent Strategic Partner", delivered a keynote speech, talked with experts, and won the third batch of collections. The dazzling performance became the new focus of the conference. Founded in 1992, LEELEN is an innovative high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Since its development, LEELEN has always strictly controlled quality and repeatedly considered every link including design, production, and testing. With its strong corporate strength and complete product system, LEELEN has been the top 100 real estate supplier for 11 consecutive years, and has reached strategic cooperation with nearly half of the top hundreds of real estate companies such as Vanke, Country Garden, China Merchants Shekou, and Sino-Ocean. In the past year, LEELEN, as a strategic partner of the G50 Chairman's Club, has successfully won the favor of many G50 member real estate companies with stable and high-quality products, comprehensive system solutions, and meticulous and thoughtful services. In the process of cooperation, LEELEN always adheres to the attitude of quality first and win-win cooperation, high standards and strict requirements, to provide customers with high-quality products and services. Relying on its outstanding performance during the strategic cooperation period, LEELEN was awarded the title of "Excellent Strategic Partner" by the G50 Chairman's Club at the conference site, and once again became the winning bidder of the G50 centralized procurement platform and accepted the award on the spot. In the context of "housing to live without speculation" and the steady progress of urbanization, real estate is constantly returning to the essential attributes of "housing", and the era of rational house purchases has arrived. In the face of this industry change, after determining a reasonable growth rate, real estate companies need the help of technology and innovation to achieve the goal of high-quality development. At the conference site, Zhong Shiping, deputy dean of LEELEN Internet of Things Technology Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech. In his opinion, the difficulty of implementing smart communities is mainly due to the interactive problems between different systems and brands. When real estate companies design smart communities, they lack the consideration of the needs of the owners. As a leading company in the industry, LEELEN builds a new community digital economy model that integrates the Internet of Things, the Internet, and the Internet of Things based on a digital smart community operation service platform, and builds an ecological chain of smart life products to realize the true interc...

  • LEELEN Successively Won the Bid for Three Video Intercom Centralized Procurement Projects
    LEELEN Successively Won the Bid for Three Video Intercom Centralized Procurement Projects

    Recently, with comprehensive solutions, advanced and reliable products, and perfect services, LEELEN has won the bid for the strategic procurement of video intercom system by Xiamen International Trade Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. 2021-2023, and Hubei Hengtai Tianzong Holding Group 2021-2023. The three projects of the centralized procurement of video intercom supply and the procurement of video intercom equipment of Hunan Zhongxin Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd. from 2021 to 2023 have been vigorously developing with a steady momentum. Founded in 1987, Guomao Real Estate is a core member of the world’s top 500 companies, Guomao Holding Group, and one of the top 100 real estate companies in China. It has now entered Xiamen, Fuzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo, Nanchang, Hefei and other five regions. In 19 key cities, nearly 15 million square meters of projects have been developed so far, nearly 10 million square meters have been built on behalf of projects, over 3 million square meters have been renewed, and nearly 35 million square meters have been managed by properties. Hubei Hengtai Tianzong Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive real estate enterprise integrating real estate development, commercial operation and property management. It entered the construction industry in 1999 and set foot in real estate development. So far, its investment and development projects cover an area of 3 million square meters. Hunan Zhongxin Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd. was established in October 1999. It is a comprehensive private enterprise group focusing on real estate development, involving construction, investment and trade, property management and other fields. It enjoys many honors such as the top 100 private enterprises in Hunan Province, the trustworthy enterprise in the banking industry in Hunan Province, and the Class A taxpayer in Changsha City. Founded in 1992, LEELEN is a professional smart home and smart community total solution equipment and service provider. It has an industrial base with a total construction area of 460,000 square meters; it integrates product research and development, production, manufacturing, sales and after-sales; every year, more than 8% of sales revenue is invested in research and development, and more than 200 invention patents are in hand. This R&D and strength of manufacturing make LEELEN a leading brand in the industry, with more than 30 million user groups and more than 20% of the market share in China. In the bidding for the three projects, LEELEN has communicated with customers many times since receiving the invitation of the customer, analyzed the actual needs of the project in depth, wrote the service plan in detail, and reviewed the details of the requirements one by one. At the bidding site, LEELEN won the recognition of customers with its good reputation, comprehensive solutions, advanced and reliable products and perfect and thoughtful service, and finally stood out from many str...

  • LEELEN is the First Batch of AAA-level Credit Enterprises
    LEELEN is the First Batch of AAA-level Credit Enterprises

    Recently, in accordance with the T/FJAF 002-2021 "Public Security Enterprise Credit Evaluation Specification", LEELEN has obtained the first batch of AAA-level credit enterprise authority certifications with its excellent production and operation performance, sound management system and reputation for integrity. It is understood that the group standard was formulated by experts and related units organized by the Fujian Public Security Industry Association, and published on the national group standard information platform. The main content of the "Public Security Prevention Enterprise Credit Evaluation Norm" include improving the credit evaluation system of the public security industry, promoting public security entities to operate in good faith in accordance with the law, and creating an honest and trustworthy development environment. It is the cornerstone of the healthy and sustainable development of the public security industry. It is of great significance for building a new market mechanism with credit as the core, further regulating the credit evaluation and management activities of public security enterprises, and promoting the healthy development of the industry. As a professional smart home and smart community overall solution equipment and service provider, since its establishment, LEELEN has always abided by contracts and respected credit as the foundation of the company’s foundation and development, established a standardized credit system, and implemented integrity in the company. The company’s business philosophy is rooted in the heart of every employee. In terms of product innovation, LEELEN has not only never stopped, but also benchmarked the highest standards and the highest level with the craftsman spirit of excellence, and constantly surpassed itself. In terms of service, LEELEN created the "315" full service model, and the self-operated team distributed all over the country provides a full range of professional services to escort the smooth implementation of the project. With a good brand reputation, efficient and reliable project landing ability, and meticulous after-sales service, LEELEN has won the recognition and choice of many partners. Since 2010, LEELEN has been the preferred supplier of the top 100 real estate for many consecutive years, and has reached strategic cooperation with more than half of the top 100 real estate, including China Merchants, Vanke, Country Garden, Greentown, etc., and has successfully implemented more than 40,000 LEELEN smart communities across the country. Good corporate reputation and considerate service have allowed LEELEN to gain recognition from many partners, and have been awarded as an outstanding partner for many years, laying a good foundation for the steady and rapid development of the company. This time, LEELEN was rated as AAA-level credit enterprise, which is a high recognition from all occupations for LEELEN's efforts in standardizing operations and honest management, and it is a str...

  • LEELEN Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Project Started Construction to Help Achieve the Goal of
    LEELEN Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Project Started Construction to Help Achieve the Goal of

    On the morning of October 11, the groundbreaking ceremony of the 3.73MWp distributed photovoltaic power generation project of Huaneng Fujian LEELEN Group was held at the LEELEN Technology Internet of Things Industrial Base in Xiang'an District, Xiamen, marking the official start of construction of the project. China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd. is an important state-owned backbone enterprise approved by the State Council. Its main business is electric power (heating) production and sales, coal, new energy, environmental protection related industries and product development, investment, construction, production, and sales. It has made positive contributions to safeguarding national energy security, promoting energy transformation and upgrading, and promoting the development of the national economy. Under the leadership of the group, Huaneng Fujian Company actively responds to the national "3060" carbon peak and carbon neutral goals, implements independent innovation and green low-carbon strategies, and vigorously promotes the comprehensive utilization and development of "wind and solar storage" integrated energy. LEELEN is a professional smart home and smart community overall solution equipment and service provider. For the past 30 years, it has always adhered to the mission of "Let people live in a five-star home". For a long time, LEELEN has actively responded to the central government's strategic thinking on green building and environmental protection innovation while deepening the research, application and manufacturing of cutting-edge technologies in the industry. LEELEN insists on green innovation, strict requirements from product selection, design, development and other aspects, and strives to create "safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and high-quality" products and platforms. The LEELEN Photovoltaic Power Project is the first distributed photovoltaic power generation project in Xiamen since Huaneng Fujian Company implemented the "Accelerated Development Year" work deployment and comprehensively promoted green transformation development. The total capacity of the project is 3.73MWp. The project will be constructed simultaneously in the three locations of LEELEN Xiang’an Internet of Things Industrial Park, Straits Pearl Plaza, and Jimei Guankou Headquarters Park. It is planned to be connected to the grid in December 2021 and generate about 425 per year. The 10,000-kilowatt-hour clean electricity saves about 1,320 tons of standard coal annually and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by about 3560 tons. This time, the cooperation between Huaneng and LEELEN is not only because of their common desire for high-quality green human settlements, but also because of the high degree of agreement between the two parties in terms of brand culture and development concepts. In the future, the two parties will give full play to their respective advantages and work together to jointly create high-quality demonstration projects in the field of green, en...

  • Work Together to Overcome the Difficulties Together, LEELEN is in Action to Fight the COVID-19!
    Work Together to Overcome the Difficulties Together, LEELEN is in Action to Fight the COVID-19!

    Since September 10, after learning about the severe situation of Xiamen's new crown epidemic, LEELEN did not dare to relax for a moment. He immediately established an epidemic prevention and control command team, carried out a series of deployments, and clarified the work content and mechanism of the extraordinary period. , Including: establishment of an epidemic prevention and control mechanism, storage of prevention and control materials, personnel information tracking and follow-up, canteen meal management, office area disinfection and cleaning, epidemic prevention promotion, organization of nucleic acid testing for all employees, etc., and strict implementation. At the same time, based on the ever-changing epidemic situation and the actual needs of employees, LEELEN actively absorbed the constructive opinions issued by the government and prevention and control experts, and held regular meetings to summarize and summarize the best practices in the epidemic prevention process, and continuously adjust and improve them. , Strengthen scientific prevention and control, earnestly implement the work in detail, and ensure the safety of employees and their families. On the basis of protecting the health and safety of themselves and their family members, all employees of LEELEN take their due professional responsibility and work together to ensure the normal production and timely delivery of products. All employees, whether on-the-job or at home, strictly observe their posts and do their responsibilities; close collaboration among various departments, as always efficient and professional; front-line employees also persist in unstoppable, and the production line is progressing in an orderly manner. The more difficulties and hardships we face, the more we must stand up and do our best. Because in the eyes of LEELEN people, maintaining the normal operation of the company is not only a prerequisite for serving customers well, but also a basic guarantee for us to fulfill our responsibilities for the society. This year is undoubtedly a difficult year. In the post-epidemic era, global chip shortages have spread, raw material prices have continued to rise, and the security market has ushered in a new round of reshuffle. Opportunities and challenges coexist. At the time when black swan and gray rhino incidents are becoming more and more frequent, in addition to achieving the stability of the company's operation and maintenance, LEELEN is also learning and thinking in the crisis, how to strengthen its own capabilities, scientifically formulate coping strategies and implement them consistently. The prevention and control of the epidemic in Xiamen has achieved remarkable results in stages recently, and community transmission has been basically blocked. However, the war epidemic has not yet ended, and the big test is still going on. In the days to come, LEELEN will continue to implement government decisions, shoulder responsibilities, stand the test, and resolutely ...

  • LEELEN 2021 New Barracks Expansion Event was Successfully Held
    LEELEN 2021 New Barracks Expansion Event was Successfully Held

    In order to help new employees quickly integrate into the team, improve the team awareness of new employees, strengthen communication and cooperation between new employees, and enhance teamwork and cohesion, LEELEN University organized the second phase of 2021 recruits in the gymnasium of Xiang'an Lilin Internet of Things Industrial Park. Camp expansion activities. As a kind of experiential training, expansion training is different from "devil training" and even more different from entertainment games. All kinds of interesting and challenging projects can make people get out of the "comfort zone" and get rapid growth. Moreover, the team cooperates with each other to overcome various problems together, which can more quickly consolidate the team's strength. Single is easy to fold, but combined is hard to break. Here, every project depends on teamwork. In the concentric circle project, the importance of the team has been vividly reflected. Everyone sits in a circle, grabbing the rope with both hands and pushing backwards, pulling the rope tight to form a strong supporting force, and ensuring that people will not fall off when they walk on the rope in a circle. At this time, everyone is an indivisible whole, and everyone is an indispensable part of it. As long as we work together, an ordinary nylon rope can also condense thousands of forces, transforming into a steel wire, and a powerful enemy. It is extremely important to clarify responsibilities and implement the division of labor. In the Qunlong water intake project, everyone needs teamwork to ensure that any part of the body does not touch the minefield to obtain mineral water 2 meters away. In the face of strict rules, everyone has made suggestions, and has cooperated with the implementation, each performing their duties, uniting and cooperating, and completing the project efficiently and perfectly. This also applies to work. People have their own strengths and shortcomings. Only when professional people are allowed to do professional things, and everyone can work together and do their best, can the company achieve long-term rapid development. In addition, teams also need to learn to communicate, understand and trust. A team is always composed of a few people, dozens of people, or even thousands of people. Therefore, whether it is in the game or at work, maintaining close and timely communication can make the entire team operate well. At the same time, because everyone is in a different position and contact, when facing problems, in addition to communication to reduce barriers, they also need to understand and trust, so as not to be trapped by appearances, form a joint effort to achieve goals and achieve multiple wins. Although the second 2021 recruiting camp training for nearly a month has just kicked off, we have reason to believe that after systematic training and drills, the new recruits in this term will be full of rewards. We also firmly believe that this excellent team will become an inv...

  • LEELEN Contributes to the Construction of Smart Chongqing
    LEELEN Contributes to the Construction of Smart Chongqing

    The 3rd Chongqing Security Engineering Enterprise Senior Management Training Course and the 7th "Hand in Hand to Find the Market" Smart City Supply and Demand Matchmaking Conference hosted by Security Exhibition Network was successfully held in Chongqing Air China Hotel! As a leading company in the industry, LEELEN brought a series of new products and solutions to the show, discussing new trends in the industry with the on-site industry brands and experts. With the rapid development and application of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and 5G networks, smart city construction has been actively carried out in many parts of the country. As an important part of the construction of smart cities, the security industry is also constantly developing in the field of integration, standardization, and intelligence with the blessing of new technologies. The purpose of this event is to build a communication platform between the association and security companies, industry experts, manufacturers and relevant government departments, to solve the problem of information asymmetry between supply and demand companies, and to enhance the understanding of new technologies and new solutions by security engineering companies and industry users. The project management capabilities of security engineering companies can better promote the high-quality development of the security industry. The main core of building a smart city lies in the level of intelligence of security. At the meeting, Wang Yuanchun, deputy dean of LEELEN Internet of Things Technology Research Institute, analyzed the difficulties and pain points of the current development of the security industry in the keynote speech, and focused on sharing the integrated community and home full-scene service launched by LEELEN’s solution. He said that LEELEN is a leading company in the industry and has been deeply involved in security for nearly 30 years. With the changes in market demand and the blessing of new-generation technologies, LEELEN has successfully transformed into a professional smart home and smart community solution equipment and service provider. On-site experts and customers have recognized Dean Wang’s topic sharing and professional question answering with dry goods. In addition, during the event, the LEELEN booth attracted many customers and professionals to come and communicate with the inherent advantages of well-known brands in the industry and the rich product display. Among them, LEELEN's star product Magic School, as the smart home AI center, has won unanimous praise from the audience for its powerful functions and stylish appearance. In addition to the internal and external products, there are also N solutions that LEELEN can meet the needs of multiple scenarios that have received high attention from the audience. Based on the integrated operation and management platform of the smart community, LEELEN can provide an integrated smart community overall s...

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