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LEELEN Technology Customer Satisfaction Survey Form

First of all, thank you for your care and support for LEELEN Technology in the past years. We look forward to taking a few minutes from your precious time and simply filling in the following. We are eager to hear the most authentic voice from your heart. We are eager to summarize our strengths and weaknesses from your opinions and suggestions, and continuously improve our work to provide you with better products and services.

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  • Q1.Are you satisfied with product quality?
  • Q2.Are you satisfied with the stability of the system?
  • Q3.Adaptability of product functions with local market environment?
  • Q4.Are you satisfied with product’s lead time?
  • Q5.Are you satisfied with the sales staff’s attitude?
  • Q6.Are you satisfied with the response time of the sales staff?
  • Q7.Are you satisfy with the professional ability of sales staff to answer your questions?
  • Q8.Are you satisfy with the product training and training methods?
  • Q9.Are you satisfied with the after-sales service from our company?
  • Q10.Are you willing to recommend our company to other customers?
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Leave A Message

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