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Re Cooperation Between LEELEN And Sunac China

  • January 21, 2017

January 21,2017,Leelen learned from Sunac China that we won the bid for the fourth time ,and for four times as its building intercom equipment strategic supplier.

Sunac China Holdings Limited is a real estate company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and launched a group strategic procurement in the same year. The Company is engaged in the integrated development of residential and commercial properties with its regional focus and high end and high quality product positioning strategy. The Company focuses on high-end property development and management business. Guided by its brand positioning as “Passion for Perfection” and insights into customer demands, the Company has long been providing high-end products to customers. The Company is determined to become a leader in real estate industry with relentless pursuit for high quality.

Sunac China has numerous projects in different development stages in 8 regions of Beijing, North China, Southwest China, Shanghai, Southeast China, Guang-Shen, Central China and Hai’nan. The cities are all among tier-1 and core tier-2 cities with selective pick. Its business covers residence, villa, commerce, office building and other property types. In 2015, the Company has achieved a sales amount of RMB73.46 billion, ranking NO. 9 among China’s real estate industry. In 1H2016, the sales amount is 59.10 billion, further improving the rank to No.8.

In 2011,Leelen Stood out in fierce competition, successfully become the Building intercom equipment strategic supplier of Sunac China. Leelen attaches great importance to cooperation with the Sunac, the formation of a special cooperation team, all projects are personally responsible. In the production of the implementation of the "four excellent" green channel, for the project of Sunac to provide quality building intercom products. Excellent performance to obtain Sunac’s approval, Leelen won the bid for four consecutive times. At the second brand supplier stategy summit of Sunac by 2015, Leelen was rated as excellent suppliers.

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