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The Dual AI Center for Community and Family Has Formed a Service-oriented Smart Community Overall Solution

  • September 09, 2020

On September 2, 2020, the 2020 China Real Estate·Building Intelligent Procurement Development Forum, co-sponsored by Shanghai International Intelligent Building Technology and Mingyuanyun Procurement, was successfully held in the W5-M8 conference room of Shanghai New International Expo Center. Procurement directors, suppliers, and industry experts of real estate developers from all over the country conducted in-depth exchanges on related topics. Zhong Shiping, the deputy dean of LEELEN Internet of Things Technology Research Institute, was invited to participate and shared the theme.

Based on the tenet of professionalism, technological and practicality, this forum launched in-depth discussions and exchanges. This forum focused on the display of building electrical and intelligent technology innovations, it summed up substantive technical solutions to solve the problems on the road to the development of intelligent real estate, and created favorable conditions for multi-party in-depth cooperation.

In recent years, with the gradual popularization of my country's real estate decoration work, the improvement of living standards, and the continuous escalation of people's housing demand, the degree of intelligent building and home comfort is also constantly improving. In this process, LEELEN made full use of its own advantages. With its professional products and comprehensive solutions, LEELEN has successfully implemented a number of real estate smart projects across the country, which has been widely recognized by the market.

At the scene, Dean Zhong delivered a speech on the theme of "How Smart Communities Break the Situation". He said that LEELEN was a professional smart community and smart home overall solution equipment provider. Currently, the company's comprehensive strength ranks among the top three in China's intercom industry. It has cooperated with nearly 100 suppliers for more than ten years and has industry-leading supply capabilities. It is the preferred supplier of several top 100 real estates.

Dean Zhong shared the architecture of the LEELEN Community Internet of Things platform and introduced application scenarios, including smart life, smart travel, smart security, smart home, etc., which fully met the needs of individual users in multiple scenarios. Among them, the integrated optional solutions and system scalability of the LEELEN Community Internet of Things platform are deeply loved by the audience. All of this is due to LEELEN's hard-core technical capabilities and advanced smart equipment.

The current real estate intelligence is still in its infancy, and the full intelligence of real estate has a long way to go, which also puts forward higher requirements for the application of related technologies such as building electrical and intelligent control. Facing the future, LEELEN will continue to play its important role, develop in coordination with ecological partners, and promote the development of intelligent real estate by promoting the research and development of innovative technologies and the expansion of diversified products.

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