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The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Came to LEELEN for Investigation!

  • September 12, 2019

A group of people from the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps visited Xiamen Leelen Technology Co., Ltd. Chen Xuli, Chairman of the Group, Liu Xianguo, Sales Director, Wang Yuanchun, Vice President of the Internet of Things Technology Institute, and Tang Guangyao, Director of the Quality Management Center, warmly received the visiting delegation and accompanied them to participate in research and discussion.


In the face of visiting leaders, our company introduced the solutions of smart homes and smart community equipment in the era of artificial intelligence. LEELEN will start from multiple dimensions such as public security prevention and control, community management, and service for people's livelihood, integrating intelligent access control and passenger car cards. Port, video surveillance, face recognition, APP and other systems, based on a standard three-information information collection, docking comprehensive treatment platform / public security network, providing big data support for public security comprehensive management, eliminating security risks, comprehensively improving community technical defense Level to promote the construction of smart cities.

LEELEN always advocates “home culture” and advocates the concepts of “confidence, integrity, continuous efforts, and lifelong learning”. The three core businesses of R&D, manufacturing and sales go hand in hand, hoping to provide each employee with a platform to realize the value of life. Each user provides value-for-money products and services, and ultimately realizes the interconnection, intercommunication and interaction of live devices in the community and home, and strives to fulfill the corporate mission of “let people live in the five-star home”.


Over the years, through steady and steady development, LEELEN has attracted more and more attention from domestic and foreign counterparts, and has also received the attention of relevant government leaders. The national research team has visited LEELEN several times and provided valuable development opinions and strong support for LEELEN. We will continue to provide better products and better services for the majority of users.

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