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Tongle Street:

  • May 07, 2020

In order to further enhance the level of intelligence in social governance and give full play to the actual effectiveness of intellectual defense facilities in social governance, Tongle community bases on the people's longing for a better life, solidly promotes the construction of the "Snow Project", and continuously improves the people's happiness and safety Sense and sense of acquisition.

Community service builds a "smart platform". The community adheres to the principle of enhancing prevention and control capabilities and improving social governance, highlighting the principle of "resource sharing, data exchange, and application co-connection". Adopt a new construction method and incorporate the installation of public safety video surveillance networking into the overall plan for the transformation of old communities. Combined with the actual work of the community, coordinate the functional departments and related construction needs, rely on the comprehensive management of the external network construction and the public safety video networking sharing application platform, according to the community distribution, the actual needs of social governance, layout design through fixed monitoring. A total investment of more than 50,000 yuan was installed, and 15 high-definition cameras, covering the surroundings of the teacher's Xincun areas. Successfully realized the full coverage of the "Snow Project" in the jurisdiction, and built a social security prevention and control smart platform that "shares the entire network, is available at all times, and can be controlled at all times".

Community management and construction of "electronic fence". There are many old communities and open communities in the Tongle community, and there is no long-term unmanned management. In addition, there is a large flow of people. In the past, it was a zone where conflicts and disputes were frequent. The "Snow Project" extends the scope of video surveillance from the primary and secondary arterial roads to the back streets and alleys of old communities, realizing effective monitoring and management of blind areas. After the construction of the "Snow Project" was completed, it was highly efficient to resolve disputes in the neighborhood, the roads in the community were clean, the street parking was reduced, and the public's sense of security was improved.

The Tongle community continues to promote the construction of the "Snow Project", comprehensively build a three-dimensional, informational, and intelligent modern social governance system, and further extends the public security measures to the masses, connecting the "last mile" of community services, allowing residents Feeling of caring greatly improved the residents' sense of security, happiness and gain.

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