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What are the Convenience of the Video Intercom System for Family Life?

  • August 11, 2017

1. Remote monitoring

         The function of video intercom is not only reach the visitors situation, it also has the monitor function of the management center to monitor the situation outside the house. For example, someone walked in front of the camera, the server will automatically record to the local computer.

2.Sent information

          The use of community server integration, the information between the various households can be transmitted to each other, so that the exchange between the neighborhood is more convenient. For example, we often need to find neighbors to help us in our daily life, but we do not know neighbors are at home or not. You can directly through our video intercom system to send information, and it can also communicate with the neighborhood in time to avoid the trouble of the doors.

         In addition to this, the community system can also push weather, traffic conditions information to each indoor unit. This makes it easy for users to make a comprehensive understanding of the weather, traffic conditions and destination of the day before going out.

3. Smart home

Home appliances switching control has been very simple including LCD TV, intelligent electric control refrigerator, automatic washing machine, etc. But we also lack a collection of systems to control them. You can achieve a key control with the intercom system. It makes the better for our lives.

4. Multimedia home entertainment

It can be said that home entertainment is now an important part of family life, from video games to garden-like cinemas to rooftop swimming pools. Home entertainment is a selling point of villa, high-end building apartment development.

         This kind of video intercom system indoor unit impressively has become a hanging tablet computer. It can play a variety of audio and video, electronic text and allow users to check the Internet information, web browsing download. And it also can provide more Internet interactive video games. It takes care of young people’s hobbies.

         The video intercom system still protects people’s lives, and it lights up the light for the future of video intercom.

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