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Why do real estate developers increasingly favor smart building intercom

  • May 13, 2020

Building intercom products are the infrastructure of China's building construction and are part of security equipment. It has a history of nearly 30 years so far. As the standard configuration of house construction, it is a basic facility that real estate developers must purchase. With the development of the domestic real estate market and the market trend of intelligent equipment upgrades, real estate developers have gradually realized the upgrading of products. Smart building intercom has gradually become the standard for real estate developers to choose. Real estate developers choose smart building intercoms. There are many reasons, summarizing a few fundamental factors:

Intelligent building intercom brings users a better experience

Intelligent building intercom, combined with Internet and Internet of Things applications, can fully improve the user experience, can be directly connected to the owner's mobile phone, no one at home can respond through the mobile phone, the mobile phone can leave a message to the indoor unit, indoor unit It can directly communicate with the mobile phone video, which is of great value to users with elderly people at home. In addition to the improvement of the functional experience of the building intercom itself, the new features bring greater surprises to users, which will fully demonstrate the importance that developers attach to the user's living experience, and gain a high degree of recognition from users. Those developers who pay attention to brands will naturally prefer intelligent building intercom products with a sense of design.

Smart building intercom can be expanded to a smart home control center

With the rise of smart homes, in order to improve the quality of houses, many real estate developers slowly began to adopt smart homes as the standard configuration of houses, demonstrating the concept of their technology houses and smart houses. Installing a smart home requires a central control screen. In order to avoid the embarrassment of repeatedly installing multiple control screens and to reduce the overall cost, real estate developers hope that the smart home central control screen will be integrated with the building intercom indoor unit. As an intelligent building intercom system, this integration is indeed very convenient, providing users with a simple and convenient integrated solution, so that intelligent building intercom has become an intelligent control terminal of the residence, that is, carrying the building intercom function, and It is a control center for intelligent equipment throughout the house. Naturally, it has become the first choice for quality real estate brands.

Smart building intercom can be used as an infrastructure for community operation management

In order to maintain their own brand, real estate developers, especially brand real estate developers, also provide later property management services in addition to real estate development. With the continuous development of society, in addition to basic property services, property companies are also slowly transforming into community operations, providing better and more comprehensive services for community owners, while gaining value-added income from operations. Usually real estate companies will invest in the development of property apps, but after many years of practice, they have encountered many insurmountable difficulties. First of all, it is difficult to promote mobile APPs, and secondly, users are not loyalty enough. Users do not often open the property's APP, resulting in unsuccessful community operations.

The emergence of new intelligent building intercom has made up for the shortcomings of mobile phone operation. As the infrastructure of the building, every house has it, no special promotion, long-term existence, once installed, it will hang in the owner's home for decades. 24 hours uninterrupted power, always on. It has many operational advantages that mobile phones do not have, and it is the first choice for real estate property companies to do community operations. Mobile phones can be used as their auxiliary operating equipment, which can perfectly realize the community's Internet operation.

In summary, this is why real estate developers will pay attention to intelligent building intercom, and even many large real estate developers have begun to develop their own building intercoms and community operation management platforms built on this basis with smart building intercom developers. To lay the foundation for future community operation management and smart community construction, but also bring new business opportunities for new technology-based enterprises.

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