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Home News 2020 Roving Exhibition | Exploring New Trends in the Security Industry at Beautiful Taiyuan

2020 Roving Exhibition | Exploring New Trends in the Security Industry at Beautiful Taiyuan

  • June 03, 2020

On May 27, 2020, the "China Intelligent Security Products Tour" Taiyuan Station, hosted by Zhian Internet of Things, guided by the China Security Enterprise Furniture Club, and co-organized by LEELEN and other companies, came to a successful conclusion.

Nearly 200 engineering companies, integrators, and distributors from Taiyuan and surrounding areas arrived at the scene and had in-depth exchanges with Zhian Internet of Things and first-line security manufacturers on the issues that they most concerned about in their actual business.

LEELEN was invited to participate in this meeting, and brought amazing appearances with products such as smart access control, smart door locks, digital building intercom systems and LuxDomo smart home, which attracted many visitors to watch. The on-site staff patiently explained the design concept, functional characteristics and technical advantages of the company's products for each visitor, and displayed the company's brand strength in many ways, so that the visitors had a deeper understanding of LEELEN and its products.

On the scene of the event, Wenfei Fu , editor-in-chief of the China Security Association, shared the 2019 security industry market research report, indicating that the overall market valuation of the security industry in 2019 reached 575.3 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 6.83%. 100 million yuan, an increase of 291 million yuan from 2018; Taiyuan's security industry market is about 1.955 billion yuan. At the same time, he also compared the data of Shanxi's regional security industry market with the data of other provincial security industries, so that the guests at the scene had a comprehensive understanding of the national security market in 2019.

Subsequently, Yuanchun Wang, the deputy dean of the LEELEN Institute of Internet of Things Technology, made an in-depth sharing on the topic of "LEELEN Smart Home and Smart Community Total Equipment Solution". The content covered the smart home and smart community overall solution, showing LEELEN the latest product in the field of home and community, he pointed out that LEELEN mission is to let people live in a five-star home and get applause from the guests on site.

At this point, the "China Smart Security Products Tour Exhibition" Taiyuan Station ended successfully! LEELEN will continue to participate in the security market exchange with the latest products and technologies, talk to the elites from all walks of life about the new development trend of the industry, and gradually strengthen LEELEN contact with customers across the country, and strive to provide customers with more innovative value and better life experience.

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