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  • Work Together to Overcome the Difficulties Together, LEELEN is in Action to Fight the COVID-19!
    Work Together to Overcome the Difficulties Together, LEELEN is in Action to Fight the COVID-19!

    Since September 10, after learning about the severe situation of Xiamen's new crown epidemic, LEELEN did not dare to relax for a moment. He immediately established an epidemic prevention and control command team, carried out a series of deployments, and clarified the work content and mechanism of the extraordinary period. , Including: establishment of an epidemic prevention and control mechanism, storage of prevention and control materials, personnel information tracking and follow-up, canteen meal management, office area disinfection and cleaning, epidemic prevention promotion, organization of nucleic acid testing for all employees, etc., and strict implementation. At the same time, based on the ever-changing epidemic situation and the actual needs of employees, LEELEN actively absorbed the constructive opinions issued by the government and prevention and control experts, and held regular meetings to summarize and summarize the best practices in the epidemic prevention process, and continuously adjust and improve them. , Strengthen scientific prevention and control, earnestly implement the work in detail, and ensure the safety of employees and their families. On the basis of protecting the health and safety of themselves and their family members, all employees of LEELEN take their due professional responsibility and work together to ensure the normal production and timely delivery of products. All employees, whether on-the-job or at home, strictly observe their posts and do their responsibilities; close collaboration among various departments, as always efficient and professional; front-line employees also persist in unstoppable, and the production line is progressing in an orderly manner. The more difficulties and hardships we face, the more we must stand up and do our best. Because in the eyes of LEELEN people, maintaining the normal operation of the company is not only a prerequisite for serving customers well, but also a basic guarantee for us to fulfill our responsibilities for the society. This year is undoubtedly a difficult year. In the post-epidemic era, global chip shortages have spread, raw material prices have continued to rise, and the security market has ushered in a new round of reshuffle. Opportunities and challenges coexist. At the time when black swan and gray rhino incidents are becoming more and more frequent, in addition to achieving the stability of the company's operation and maintenance, LEELEN is also learning and thinking in the crisis, how to strengthen its own capabilities, scientifically formulate coping strategies and implement them consistently. The prevention and control of the epidemic in Xiamen has achieved remarkable results in stages recently, and community transmission has been basically blocked. However, the war epidemic has not yet ended, and the big test is still going on. In the days to come, LEELEN will continue to implement government decisions, shoulder responsibilities, stand the test, and resolutely ...

  • LEELEN 2021 New Barracks Expansion Event was Successfully Held
    LEELEN 2021 New Barracks Expansion Event was Successfully Held

    In order to help new employees quickly integrate into the team, improve the team awareness of new employees, strengthen communication and cooperation between new employees, and enhance teamwork and cohesion, LEELEN University organized the second phase of 2021 recruits in the gymnasium of Xiang'an Lilin Internet of Things Industrial Park. Camp expansion activities. As a kind of experiential training, expansion training is different from "devil training" and even more different from entertainment games. All kinds of interesting and challenging projects can make people get out of the "comfort zone" and get rapid growth. Moreover, the team cooperates with each other to overcome various problems together, which can more quickly consolidate the team's strength. Single is easy to fold, but combined is hard to break. Here, every project depends on teamwork. In the concentric circle project, the importance of the team has been vividly reflected. Everyone sits in a circle, grabbing the rope with both hands and pushing backwards, pulling the rope tight to form a strong supporting force, and ensuring that people will not fall off when they walk on the rope in a circle. At this time, everyone is an indivisible whole, and everyone is an indispensable part of it. As long as we work together, an ordinary nylon rope can also condense thousands of forces, transforming into a steel wire, and a powerful enemy. It is extremely important to clarify responsibilities and implement the division of labor. In the Qunlong water intake project, everyone needs teamwork to ensure that any part of the body does not touch the minefield to obtain mineral water 2 meters away. In the face of strict rules, everyone has made suggestions, and has cooperated with the implementation, each performing their duties, uniting and cooperating, and completing the project efficiently and perfectly. This also applies to work. People have their own strengths and shortcomings. Only when professional people are allowed to do professional things, and everyone can work together and do their best, can the company achieve long-term rapid development. In addition, teams also need to learn to communicate, understand and trust. A team is always composed of a few people, dozens of people, or even thousands of people. Therefore, whether it is in the game or at work, maintaining close and timely communication can make the entire team operate well. At the same time, because everyone is in a different position and contact, when facing problems, in addition to communication to reduce barriers, they also need to understand and trust, so as not to be trapped by appearances, form a joint effort to achieve goals and achieve multiple wins. Although the second 2021 recruiting camp training for nearly a month has just kicked off, we have reason to believe that after systematic training and drills, the new recruits in this term will be full of rewards. We also firmly believe that this excellent team will become an inv...

  • LEELEN Contributes to the Construction of Smart Chongqing
    LEELEN Contributes to the Construction of Smart Chongqing

    The 3rd Chongqing Security Engineering Enterprise Senior Management Training Course and the 7th "Hand in Hand to Find the Market" Smart City Supply and Demand Matchmaking Conference hosted by Security Exhibition Network was successfully held in Chongqing Air China Hotel! As a leading company in the industry, LEELEN brought a series of new products and solutions to the show, discussing new trends in the industry with the on-site industry brands and experts. With the rapid development and application of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and 5G networks, smart city construction has been actively carried out in many parts of the country. As an important part of the construction of smart cities, the security industry is also constantly developing in the field of integration, standardization, and intelligence with the blessing of new technologies. The purpose of this event is to build a communication platform between the association and security companies, industry experts, manufacturers and relevant government departments, to solve the problem of information asymmetry between supply and demand companies, and to enhance the understanding of new technologies and new solutions by security engineering companies and industry users. The project management capabilities of security engineering companies can better promote the high-quality development of the security industry. The main core of building a smart city lies in the level of intelligence of security. At the meeting, Wang Yuanchun, deputy dean of LEELEN Internet of Things Technology Research Institute, analyzed the difficulties and pain points of the current development of the security industry in the keynote speech, and focused on sharing the integrated community and home full-scene service launched by LEELEN’s solution. He said that LEELEN is a leading company in the industry and has been deeply involved in security for nearly 30 years. With the changes in market demand and the blessing of new-generation technologies, LEELEN has successfully transformed into a professional smart home and smart community solution equipment and service provider. On-site experts and customers have recognized Dean Wang’s topic sharing and professional question answering with dry goods. In addition, during the event, the LEELEN booth attracted many customers and professionals to come and communicate with the inherent advantages of well-known brands in the industry and the rich product display. Among them, LEELEN's star product Magic School, as the smart home AI center, has won unanimous praise from the audience for its powerful functions and stylish appearance. In addition to the internal and external products, there are also N solutions that LEELEN can meet the needs of multiple scenarios that have received high attention from the audience. Based on the integrated operation and management platform of the smart community, LEELEN can provide an integrated smart community overall s...

  • LEELEN Actively Fulfills Its Social Responsibilities and Contributes to the Revitalization of Education
    LEELEN Actively Fulfills Its Social Responsibilities and Contributes to the Revitalization of Education

    In recent years, Xiamen City, Fujian Province has adhered to the guidance of “neighboring party building”, focused on providing detailed and practical services, and aimed at improving the happiness index of the masses. A social governance community of "always keep in touch with each other, discuss things together, and have neighbors as one family". At the same time, in order to in-depth study and implement Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, strengthen communication and cooperation between school-enterprise party organizations at the grass-roots level, give full play to their respective advantages, and achieve multiple improvements in the level of party building work, education and teaching work, and engineering construction. In the near future, LEELEN and the party branch of Yifu Primary School in Xiang'an District, Xiamen signed a joint construction agreement and held joint construction activities. On June 17, Zhong Jianhua, secretary of the LEELEN Party branch, and Yang Songyi, director of the manufacturing center, visited Yifu Primary School and reached a consensus with Shi Caihong, the principal of Yifu Primary School on school-enterprise cooperation, and successfully signed a school-enterprise joint construction agreement. According to the agreement, the two parties will actively build a platform to promote the school-enterprise culture on a new journey based on the win-win principle of "party building leadership, sharing resources, complementary advantages, and common improvement". Since the establishment of school-enterprise cooperation intentions, LEELEN has conducted in-depth communication and exchanges with the school many times to understand the actual situation and needs of the two parties, and organize high-latitude and in-depth cooperation to promote the integration of industry and education, which is truly for students and enterprises. Employees do practical things and solve practical difficulties. During the Children’s Day, LEELEN donated more than 200 boxes of mineral water to Yifu Primary School to send holiday condolences and blessings to students. Recently, the 600 square meters football field funded by LEELEN has also been officially completed and successfully put into use. The improvement of the up-to-standard football field and hardware facilities will help Yifu Primary School to better develop the characteristic sport of football. On July 2, LEELEN and Yifu Primary School jointly held a basketball friendly exchange game to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. This kind of activity is only the beginning of the construction of the two branches in pairs. In the future, the two sides will also carry out a series of activities such as factory visits, voluntary services, visits and seminars, and constantly strengthen exchanges, combine education and teaching with manufacturing, and earnestly promote school-enterprise cooperation to promote both parties the con...

  • The Second Quarter Quality Conference of LEELEN was Successfully Held
    The Second Quarter Quality Conference of LEELEN was Successfully Held

    Quality Month refers to an annual special event that is actively participated by the whole society, especially the majority of enterprises, under the advocacy and deployment of the national quality department. The Quality Month event began in 1978, when my country’s national economy began to recover after a decade of catastrophe. Many enterprises had low production efficiency and serious quality problems. For this reason, the former State Economic Commission issued the "Notice on Launching the "Quality Month" Activity to the whole country on June 24, 1978, vigorously promoted the idea of "Quality First" and established "Producing high-quality products is glorious, and producing inferior products is shameful." Fashion. At the meeting, Manager Lin elaborated on the meaning, origin and importance of process standards and quality red lines. He said that the process of product creation is also the process of product quality generation, formation and realization. High-quality product creation leads to high-quality product delivery. As General Secretary Xi Jinping said, “standards determine quality, there is quality of whatever standard there is, and only high standards have high quality”. In our work, we must use an open mind, a rigorous work attitude, and a lean process awareness, stand up to everyone's quality post, strictly abide by the quality red line, and practice "quality is the life of an enterprise" with practical actions. Immediately afterwards, Huang Jianqiang, director of the Quality Control Center, took the stage to make a concluding speech. Combining his years of work experience, he vividly compares "technical standards and guidelines" with "car navigation" and "quality red line" with "traffic rules", telling us: as long as you follow the navigation, as long as you abide by the traffic laws, you We can reach the destination "smoothly" and "safely". The same applies to our products. Mr. Huang's speech was not a long-length discussion, but used a contrasting way to make clear, concise, vivid and simple description of the stakes of the craft standard and the quality red line, which made people clear and inspired. With the completion of the final link-the summary and commendation of the 7S evaluation results of the relevant departments of the manufacturing cycle in the previous quarter, the conference also ended. This event is one of a series of activities that LEELEN actively responds to the national "Quality Month" call. In the later period, LEELEN will continue to carry out other activities, continuously improve quality control capabilities, strive to consolidate its own technical level, and follow the road of high-quality development steadily, while contributing its own strength to the high-quality development of the industry.

  • LEELEN Participated in the Construction Expo
    LEELEN Participated in the Construction Expo

    At this construction expo, LEELEN displayed smart interactive systems, smart lighting systems, smart security systems, HVAC environmental systems, energy management systems, smart window control systems, smart audio-visual systems, smart door lock systems, smart home appliances, the ten major systems and products of the Healthy Life System have attracted a large number of viewers to watch and experience. The most eye-catching product is the new product "Mopai". As a new member of the Mopai family, she is not only a smart home entrance, a smart community entrance, but also a multi-dimensional interaction center and data processing center. It supports home control, security management, temperature and humidity monitoring, proximity sensing, voice control, elevator call function, visual intercom, video surveillance, property notification, background music and other rich functions. Mopai equipped with AI intelligent voice system is highly sought after for its stylish appearance and excellent performance. Users can control all smart home devices in the home by just speaking, and by customizing the scene mode, the complexity can be simplified, and a healthy, comfortable, and wonderful smart life can be easily started, and it will bring you into a new era of smart homes with "talking without hands". It is worth mentioning that Mopai also supports offline voice recognition, which enables voice interaction even if the network is disconnected. LEELEN has integrated an immersive scene-based experience design in the booth. The LEELEN Smart Life Experience House is equipped with smart entrances, living rooms, balconies and other scenes. Exhibitors can be in the scene and fully experience the surprises and fun brought by LEELEN's smart life. In addition to voice interaction, users can also control home equipment or scene modes through interactive methods such as Mopai Touch and App, meeting the interaction needs of different people, different scenes, and different distances. Smart home life is vividly interpreted here. At the same time, investment at the exhibition site is in full swing, and LEELEN's new business model of "whole house smart, home furnishing, brand direct management" is widely recognized. LEELEN Smart Life Experience Hall has a full-link new ecology, reconstructs the home furnishing market, and works with leading brands in the home building materials industry to create a one-stop supply chain solution to realize users' dreams of living in a five-star smart home with their bags.

  • LEELEN Participated in the 20th China Social Public Safety Products Expo
    LEELEN Participated in the 20th China Social Public Safety Products Expo

    "North China Security Expo" is based in Shijiazhuang, the central city of North China, and takes advantage of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region to radiate the northern region. After 19 years of careful cultivation, it is hailed as the No. 1 event in the North China security industry by the industry. This conference attracted more than 600 well-known companies to participate in the exhibition, and more than 50,000 people from the province and Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Mongolia, Shandong, Henan and other provinces and cities visited, and built an exchange, learning, and seeking An industry platform for cooperation, trade negotiations, and mutual understanding. On the scene, the LEELEN booth used simple white as the main color, creating a minimalist, light and luxurious international style, with LEELEN Green and LEELEN Red Orange, adding a touch of bright color to the overall space, which is highly recognizable. At the same time, the unique window design on the sidewall of the booth combines the exhibits with the scene, which is refreshing. In this exhibition, LEELEN’s high-quality series of products attracted a large number of onlookers for consultation. Among them, a new generation of intelligent integrated control terminal magic that integrates voice, App, touch and other multi-dimensional interactions has become the highlight of the exhibition. Eye-catching countless. Mopai is an AI center for smart homes, which can replace multiple smart single products to achieve intelligent home control. With community equipment, it can seamlessly connect the community and home life scenes. In addition to powerful smart products, LEELEN's solutions applicable to multiple scenarios have also become the focus of this exhibition. As a leading company in the industry, LEELEN always keeps up with market demand and with the support of frontier technologies at home and abroad. It continues to introduce a variety of solutions, such as cloud community solutions, local community solutions, old community solutions, and safe community solutions, affordable housing solutions, etc., perfectly adapted to a variety of living spaces and application scenarios. LEELEN's eye-catching performance attracted the attention of a large audience and professionals on the spot, and attracted the attention of many media friends. During the interview, Lai Qinghai, general manager of LEELEN Shijiazhuang Branch, said that as a professional smart community, smart home solution equipment and service provider, LEELEN always takes "Let people live in a five-star home" as its corporate mission. To continuously promote the research and development of innovative technologies and the expansion of diversified products to meet the ever-increasing and changing needs of society and the market.

  • Youcai Business School Starts Classes in Changsha
    Youcai Business School Starts Classes in Changsha

    Youcai Business School Changsha Station started classes. As a representative of the lecturer, LEELEN was invited to attend again, and gathered together with representatives from the real estate recruitment cost elites and suppliers dedicated to smart manufacturing from the Central China region to discuss the new trends and new ideas of the real estate industry in the new era. With the continuous tightening of various real estate control policies, higher and higher land acquisition costs and lower and lower profit margins, real estate development companies have refocused their attention on products. Under the large demand for consumption upgrade and quality improvement, smart technology for hardcover houses is the only magic weapon for real estate developers to create high-end communities, and it is also an effective way to enhance the added value of real estate and empower the digital transformation of real estate. As an industry representative, Zhong Shi, deputy dean of the LEELEN Internet of Things Technology Research Institute, directly addressed the pain points and analyzed the actual value of building a smart community, which allowed the elite representatives present to have a deeper understanding of the smart community. The service-oriented smart community of LEELEN is based on big data and AI capabilities, with services as the starting point, builds an IoT infrastructure with various AIOT intelligent perception hardware, and provides multi-terminal interaction methods through intelligent mining and analysis of big data. At the same time, the community basic data aggregation platform can realize: provide data support for government work and improve the comprehensive governance capacity of the community; empower real estate and increase the value of real estate; improve the management service level for the property; build a safe and comfortable life scene for the owners. The operation of the smart community is inseparable from good post-maintenance. The service-oriented smart community of LEELEN supports intelligent construction operation and maintenance, mobile office of property management personnel, and full life cycle management of equipment, effectively reducing operating costs and improving service satisfaction; multi-terminal advertising, personalized community services, etc., will also innovate marketing Mode to realize value-added income generation.

  • LEELEN Once Again Topped the List of China's Fully Furnished Smart Home Parts, Helping the Industry Continue to Develop
    LEELEN Once Again Topped the List of China's Fully Furnished Smart Home Parts, Helping the Industry Continue to Develop

    In recent years, under the support of policy escort and real estate market demand, the full decoration market has achieved rapid development. In this context, on the basis of in-depth research on the fully-furnished market, Zhongzhi Holding Real Estate and Furnishings released a heavyweight list of China's fully-furnished smart home market share in the first half of 2021. Industry leader LEELEN, with an absolute advantage of 20% market share, topped the video intercom category. Founded in 1992, LEELEN has always been rooted in the security industry and has strong independent R&D and technological innovation capabilities. At present, the comprehensive strength of the company ranks among the top three in China's intercom industry. It is the leading unit and leader of the drafting group of international standards for intercom. It is the drafting unit of national standards for intercom. It is a country with smart homes and smart communities. Standard editor-in-chief. With high-quality product quality and a complete after-sales service system, LEELEN has reached strategic cooperation with more than half of the top 100 real estate companies, including leading developers such as Vanke, Sunac, and Country Garden. As the country vigorously develops the construction of smart cities, as a basic component of smart cities, smart communities and smart homes have also ushered in a new round of development opportunities. As a communication bridge between the community and the family, the intercom of the building has a natural entrance attribute and is an indispensable part of a smart community and a smart home. As an innovative company that keeps up with market development, LEELEN, driven by the new model of "Internet +" economic development, has extended the industry from building intercom to the field of smart communities and smart homes, and has developed diversified developments. Its products and solutions have realized the integration of building and apartment intercom, video surveillance, smart parking, smart home and other systems, greatly improving the application scope and value-added space of the building and apartment intercom system. In addition, in order to adapt to changing market demands, LEELEN invests more than 8% of its annual sales revenue in research and development, and uses the power of new-generation technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and AI. Cooperation strategy, and join hands with technology platform companies to promote technology R&D and innovation. This time, LEELEN ranked at the forefront of the list with a 20% market share, which is a testament to LEELEN's unremitting pursuit of high-quality development.

  • The Old Community Group Standards are Officially Released, and LEELEN Leads the Industry in Strength
    The Old Community Group Standards are Officially Released, and LEELEN Leads the Industry in Strength

    Recently, proposed and managed by the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Product Industry Association, Shenyang Telecom Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd., Xiamen LEELEN Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Security Technology Protection Industry Association and other units drafted the "General specification of security system for old community" group standards were officially released and implemented.   As a leader in the smart home and smart community industry, LEELEN always regards excellent product quality and innovative technology as the core competitiveness of the company, strives for survival by quality, and promotes development by brand. Over the years, LEELEN has actively participated in the formulation of various standards. It is the leading unit and the leader of the drafting group of the international standard for Louvre intercom, the drafting unit of the national standard for Louvre intercom, and the national standard for smart homes and smart communities. The editor-in-chief unit has a very high right to speak in the formulation of industry standards.   Since the establishment of the project, LEELEN has participated in it as an industry representative. Relying on years of scientific research experience and leading technology, LEELEN combined with long-term project application and landing experience, and put forward professional opinions, which have been widely recognized by other drafting units and expert members. It has played a great role in the continuous improvement and final formation of the standard.   After more than one year of project initiation, research, discussion, and review, the group standard “General specification of security system for old community " compiled by a multi-party force has finally passed the acceptance, and will be officially released on May 31, 2021. The comprehensive renovation of old urban residential areas provides security technical guidance and implementation standards, and provides reference for government planning and management departments, which has very important social significance. The standard stipulates the overall requirements, classification and configuration, status diagnosis, technical requirements, inspection, acceptance and maintenance, maintenance, etc. of the old community security system, Construction, inspection, acceptance and maintenance, maintenance.

  • Tycoons of Building Decoration Industry in Xiamen Gather in LEELEN
    Tycoons of Building Decoration Industry in Xiamen Gather in LEELEN

    On July 16, as a member of Xiamen Building Decoration Association, LEELEN invited the main leaders of the association and various member units to come to LEELEN Company to discuss the new model of "whole house smart home decoration" and explore new trends in the development of the home improvement industry. The president of Xiamen Building Decoration Association Mr. Zhu Jihuai, the vice presidents Mr. Huang Jinfa, Mr. Guo Shizhan, Mr. Lin Jiankun, and the secretary-general of the association Cai Binbin, etc., attended the meeting and conducted in-depth exchanges. At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Chen Xuli extended a warm welcome to the participants, introduced LEELEN's development status and strategic goals, and analyzed the future development trend of the home improvement building materials market and the real estate industry market from the direction of the whole house intelligence. Chairman Chen Xuli believes that with the upgrading of people's consumer demand and the development of technologies such as the Internet of Things, the current intelligent upgrade of the whole house has become an unstoppable trend. The realization of a customized, the five-star smart home that allows users to carry their bags requires the participation of various industries including home improvement and building materials. Chairman Chen said that there are many brands that have entered the home furnishing field, but they are rare. LEELEN has been deeply involved in the field of wisdom for nearly 30 years. It has established a good trust relationship with users and built LEELEN with the endorsement of the LEELEN brand. The Smart Life Experience Hall integrates the top brands of home improvement building materials and operates in a brand-directed manner. It can not only provide users with cost-effective one-stop full life cycle services, but also bring new market increments for various home improvement brands. Chairman Zhu believes that this is not the era of going it alone. To keep a group for warmth, to create a market together, to win-win cooperation, and to empower each other can only go far. Therefore, he calls on member companies to pay attention to user needs and keep up with the trend of the times, and actively promote the decorative building materials industry. At the same time, it is recommended that all member companies and LEELEN have more in-depth exchanges and discussions, and seek new opportunities for cooperation and win-win. The symposium ended successfully in a pleasant atmosphere. In the future development, LEELEN will continue to take root in the field of smart life, continue to explore the new era of smart home furnishing consumption, and adhere to the business philosophy of "openness, cooperation, altruism, and win-win". Ecological partners seek common development and continue to fulfill the corporate mission of "Let people live in a five-star home".

  • LEELEN Participated in the Smart Home Integration Service Summit
    LEELEN Participated in the Smart Home Integration Service Summit

    On July 15, the 2021 Smart Home Integration Service Summit with the theme of "Focus Area·Determining Terminal" was successfully held in Beijing. LEELEN brought the overall smart home solution and the entire line of smart home products to a stunning appearance, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with on-site expert consultants on industry development issues and prospects. As a very influential event in China’s smart home industry, this summit focused on the capital Beijing as the core and focused on the smart home regional market in the northern region. It attracted smart home integration service forces from the capital, North China and Northeast China, and greatly promoted Industry exchanges promoted the development of the industry. As a special guest of the summit, Wang Yuanchun, deputy dean of LEELEN Internet of Things Technology Research Institute, delivered a wonderful speech on the theme of "LEELEN Whole House Intelligence Opens a New Mode of Digital Life in Smart Homes". At the scene, Dean Wang said that although the smart home industry is currently developing hotly, there are still many industry pain points, such as complicated wiring and high cost, difficult upgrading and renovation, and messy and inconsistent home decoration styles. Therefore, companies with comprehensive advantages such as professional services, systematic solutions, and products that meet market needs will develop significantly in the future. As early as 2003, LEELEN formally deployed the smart home market with deep technical accumulation, forward-looking technical layout and innovative technical concepts, striving to create a safer, more comfortable, convenient, diversified and high-quality new smart life experience for users. Today, with the continuous accumulation of accumulated R&D technology and outstanding innovation capabilities, LEELEN has become one of the leaders in promoting the development of the smart home industry. It is worth mentioning that on-site LEELEN also attracted many dealers to stop and negotiate with the 4-wheel drive empowerment model and 6 major franchise advantages. In the future, LEELEN will continue to enhance innovation, master core technologies, and work with more partners to accelerate the promotion of channel upgrades and market applications, promote the development of the smart home industry, and provide users with a better smart living experience.

  • LEELEN was Selected as Xiamen's Outstanding IoT Application Program List in 2021
    LEELEN was Selected as Xiamen's Outstanding IoT Application Program List in 2021

    Recently, after expert review, municipal industry and information bureau review, comprehensive review and other procedures, the overall solution of LEELEN Smart Safe Community stood out from many applications and was successfully selected as the 2021 Xiamen City Excellent Internet of Things Application Program. With the maturity of technologies such as the Internet of Things, 5G, and AI, modern technology has been widely used in various industries, helping all sectors of society to realize intelligent and digital transformation, and empowering a more comfortable and efficient modern life. As a professional smart community and smart home solution equipment and service provider, LEELEN focuses on product intelligence innovation, while paying more attention to providing users with high-quality full-scene experience and services for human settlements. In the process of building a "smart community", LEELEN found that traditional communities are common in management: difficult to collect information with one standard and three realities, imbalances in management and control of floating population and key personnel, insufficient vehicle management and prevention, and backward public safety emergency methods. . In response to such problems and needs, LEELEN launched an overall solution for the smart and safe community. The plan adopts a "cloud-side-end" architecture, starting from the three dimensions of public security prevention and control, community management, and serving the people's livelihood. The plan is based on the collection of one-standard three-real information, the management of human and RV management and the safety of residents as the orientation, and the management of public health and safety applications as the norm. The solution uses cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, AI artificial intelligence and other technologies to integrate intercom, intelligent temperature measurement access control, people and vehicles bayonet, video surveillance and other systems to achieve refined management of people, houses, cars, and events. The dynamic management and control of the floating population and key personnel, as well as the joint governance of the street office, the community police and the community property, will comprehensively improve the technical defense level of the community. The system can be connected to the government platform to provide big data support for government decision-making. The overall solution of LEELEN Smart Ping An Community, which penetrates into actual application scenarios, has been sought after by the market and users once it was launched. It has been successfully applied to many projects across the country, including new communities, old communities, factories, schools and other scenarios. It perfectly solves real problems and highly meets needs.

  • LEELEN and BONTOP Group Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement
    LEELEN and BONTOP Group Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

    Recently, with the efforts of LEELEN Chengdu Branch, with high-quality products, professional solutions and perfect services, LEELEN stood out from many competing brands and successfully won the bid of BONTOP Group from July 1, 2021 to June 2023. On the 30th, the building's intercom system equipment was purchased centrally. BONTOP Group was founded in March 2007 and established a group company in March 2013. The head quarter of the group is located in Chengdu High-tech Zone. It is one of the top 500 companies in China's service industry, the top 100 real estate sales companies in China, and the top 100 real estate brand value companies in China (2018). As the backbone of the real estate enterprises in western China, BONTOP Group ranks among the top 100 large enterprises and conglomerates in Sichuan Province, and was awarded the "Top Ten Brands in Southwest China" by the China Housing Association, and jointly issued by the Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission and other 17 departments and government departments. Founded in 1992, LEELEN has always been rooted in the security industry. It has more than 30 million user groups and more than 20% of the market share in China. It is an industry leader with strong independent R&D and technological innovation capabilities. Since 2010, LEELEN has been the preferred supplier of the top 100 real estates for many consecutive years, and has reached strategic cooperation with more than half of the top 100 real estates, including Evergrande Real Estate, Vanke Group, Country Garden, Sunac, etc. LEELEN digital intercom system integrates AI artificial intelligence, Internet, mobile communication, security detection, audio and video coding and decoding technologies, and can realize diversified door opening methods, intelligent security alarms and other functions. At the same time, the management platform system is stable and reliable, easy to upgrade and expand, suitable for large-scale interconnection and networking, and greatly meets the needs of real estate and property smart communities and smart home renovation. The strategic cooperation between LEELEN and BONTOP Group this time is based on the compatibility and complementarity between the two parties in terms of brand, resources, and core capabilities. It is a powerful combination of the two companies and is the difference between BONTOP Group and LEELEN’s brand, product quality, and service capabilities. Recognized. Because for BONTOP Group, LEELEN is not only a partner, but also an important driving force for the upgrade of its digital industry.

  • LEELEN participated in the China Building Science Conference and Green Smart Building Expo
    LEELEN participated in the China Building Science Conference and Green Smart Building Expo

    On June 24-27, the first China Building Science Conference and Green Smart Building Expo jointly organized by China Construction Industry Association and China Foreign Trade Center was successfully held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin). As a leading company in the industry, LEELEN was invited to participate, bringing its blockbuster products and series of solutions to its brilliant appearance. The National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) is the third national-level exhibition center deployed by the Ministry of Commerce in the country after Guangzhou and Shanghai. It is an important platform for realizing China's economic development strategy and building a new global exhibition highland. China Building Science Conference and Green Smart Building Expo is the first national exhibition hall launched by the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin). The exhibition lasts for 4 days and covers an area of 210,000 square meters. More than 480 units will participate in the exhibition. Construction will be held at the same time. There are more than 100 high-end forums in the industry, which is a grand event for the collision of ideas, technology integration and mutual development in the industry. On the scene of this exhibition, LEELEN's exhibits met expectations and attracted the attention of the audience and professionals. In addition, LEELEN also brings service-oriented smart community solutions, using technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and AI, and adopts two technical architectures: cloud-end and cloud-side-end. With the smart home AI center and smart community AI center as the bridge, the community, home, and services are seamlessly connected, and diversified services and functions such as building intercom, video surveillance, and smart call elevators are provided. This solution is highly praised for its modular functions, expandable system, and support for personalized customization, and has been successfully applied to many projects across the country. In the VR interactive zone, you can directly "live in" a futuristic home full of black technology by wearing VR glasses, experience turning on smart devices with one sentence, and turning on the scene mode with one click. It gives people the feeling of being on-site, which attracts many people. The audience lined up to experience. Relying on its strong comprehensive strength, in addition to attracting onlookers and consultations from the on-site audience, the LEELEN booth has also attracted the attention of many media friends. On the afternoon of June 24, the media team of China Building Decoration Association visited LEELEN's booth. Bai Yiqi, general manager of LEELEN Tianjin Branch, received the media team and accepted an interview with reporters. President Bai mentioned that LEELEN is an innovative technology company integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales service. It has always adhered to independent innovati...

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