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  • The Use of Face Recognition in the Security Industry (1)
    • August 18. 2017
    The Use of Face Recognition in the Security Industry (1)

    Face recognition has attracted more and more attention. In fact, the use of face recognition in the security industry is also very wide. 1.Video Surveillance      Combining facial recognition technology and video monitoring, the equivalent of the front-end intelligent analysis functions is integrated into the HD webcam inside. And changing the camera of the simple past only to ...

  • How Biometric Technology Can Help Security?
    • March 25. 2019

    In recent years, with the rapid development of information technology and network technology, information security becomes more and more important. With its unique stability, uniqueness, and convenience, biometric technology has been increasingly used in security, video surveillance, building intercom, and smart communities. Biometrics technology is the combination of computer and optical, acousti...

  • From What Aspects can Building Intercom Enter the Field of Smart Home
    • November 26. 2021

    As one of the necessary security systems for new houses, the building intercom system plays a huge role in the safety and intelligence of homes and communities. The system stays deep in households and occupies the entrances and exits of homes and communities. Users can operate and use anytime and anywhere, and have a certain user stickiness; its performance characteristics have natural advantages ...

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