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Smart Security Empowers the Transformation of Old Communities and Accelerates Community Construction

  • 2021-04-29 17:51:09

The demolition and reconstruction of old communities will not only increase the national economic burden, but also cause many inconveniences to the majority of residents. Compared with reconstruction, the investment in the transformation of old communities is smaller, and at the same time, some unnecessary troubles can be saved. Not only that, there are many hidden safety hazards in traditional communities. If they are not reconstructed as soon as possible, they may pose a threat to the residents' property and even their personal safety.

1. Due to the earlier establishment of the old community, the longer residence time, and many years of disrepair, there are basically more or less hidden safety hazards. Such as wall cracks, aging gas pipelines, blockage of sewer pipes, aging circuits, etc., greatly compromise the quality of life of residents, and endanger their property and even their lives.

2. The infrastructure of the old community is backward and the living conditions of residents are poor. There are often incomplete supporting facilities, difficulties in going upstairs and parking, which bring many inconveniences to the lives of residents and affect the harmony of the community. In addition, traditional keys, IC cards, fingerprint passwords and other access control are easily copied and fraudulently used. Security cannot perform identity verification, and there are serious security management loopholes.

3. As the old pipes, valves and other fittings will gradually rust and age, water seepage and water leakage will occur, causing many water resources to be wasted. Once the drainage pipe is blocked, odor and toxic gas will be emitted, which will endanger the health of residents.

In order to respond to the policy call and assist in the upgrading and transformation of old communities in major cities, many security companies have put forward solutions for the transformation of old communities.

The overall solution of LEELEN's old community uses the Internet of Things; Internet, cloud computing, AI and other technologies, with the transformation of the access control system as the core, realizes the access control functions such as face recognition and cloud intercom, and can expand cloud parking, video surveillance, and call elevators. , Security, alarm property and other community services can be combined with the intelligent system transformation of the owner's home to realize the upgrade and transformation from the old community to the smart community. Like LEELEN’s product:Guard Station for Video Intercom System Model 5 and Video Doorbell Black M57.

Under the premise of increasing potential safety hazards, the transformation of old communities is one of the mainstream trends in future urban development. The transformation of old communities will not only greatly speed up the construction of smart communities, but will also give rise to unlimited business opportunities for smart security. The security industry will face greater opportunities and more intense challenges.

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