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The Epidemic has Developed into an Important Thrust for Community Intelligence

  • 2021-02-22 17:14:26

In 2020, the development of the epidemic has become an important thrust to promote the wisdom of communities. Smart security is the most important part of the smart community and the value of the smart community. At present, my country's community security market accounts for about 6%-10% of the total output value of the security market. Compared with mature foreign markets, the proportion of my country's security community market is very low.

The construction of former smart communities is being carried out in major cities. As the first barrier to the construction of smart communities, community security is transforming from "traditional" to "technical defense". The modern community security system is mainly composed of building intercom products, home anti-theft alarm system, intelligent parking lot management system, video monitoring system, electronic patrol system, access control system, transmission cable and community security integrated management platform.

Insiders pointed out that the prerequisite of the intelligent community environment is security. Only by ensuring security can the various convenient applications in the community be more fully utilized. Security system is an important guarantee for community safety. With the acceleration of the application of artificial intelligence technology in the security industry, "AI+Security" represented by face recognition access control is also playing an increasingly important role in the smart community.

Through face recognition technology, a portrait cluster library is established on the basis of the access control system to automatically identify residents in the community, capture and recognize faces of people entering and exiting the community, and improve information collection and centralized storage. For example, LEELEN's Guard Station for Video Intercom System Model 5 and Video Door Phone Kit for Villa 305N. Take video surveillance as the core, integrate community video surveillance, intelligent analysis, access control system, entrance and exit management, electronic fence, electronic patrol and other security subsystems through the community security integrated management and control platform, and use the graphical display interface to intuitively and accurately integrate various. The business functions are presented. There is no doubt that in the era of artificial intelligence, and smart security will help community supervision and realize the dual protection of "civil defense + technical defense" in the community environment. There are already many solutions for community security on the market, and they have become the inevitable choice for many new communities or community renovation projects.

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