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LEELEN made a stunning appearance at the 2020 China Smart Home Integration Service Summit • Chongqing Station

  • October 31, 2020

Yesterday, the 2020 Smart Home Integration Service Summit • Chongqing Station hosted by China Smart Home Industry Alliance CSHIA and hosted by Smart Home Media Platform Youhu Media was grandly held at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Jiafa. LEELEN was invited to attend the conference with a full line of smart home products and solutions, which attracted many professionals and audiences to stop and watch.

With Chongqing as the core, this summit went deep into the first-line smart home integration service market in Southwest China. This summit brought together outstanding smart home brands and first-line integration service partners to provide local smart home integrators with a platform for high-quality communication and learning. At the same time, this summit provides integrators and service providers with face-to-face zero-distance communication opportunities, aiming to enhance the cohesion of the local smart home integration circle.

As a professional smart home and smart community total solution equipment provider, LEELEN introduced the Italian LuxDomo smart home brand, bringing elegant, top-designed products and unprecedented user experience.

At the scene, Wang Yuanchun, vice president of the Internet of Things Technology Research Institute, gave a special speech. He believed that the current smart home industry is facing many problems such as complex wiring, product services, and upgrades. LEELEN Smart Home's nine system functions + N solutions can fully meet the needs of multi-scenarios and personalized users, and through its own product development and cooperation with third parties, it creates a rich and complete smart home ecological product. Achieve diversified interaction methods.

LEELEN's nine major system products collectively appeared at the conference. The product categories, exquisite product appearance, and N solutions suitable for multiple scenarios attracted countless eyes, which seemed to be another highlight of the conference. During the intermission of the conference, LEELEN's smart door locks, smart panels, smart security, smart lighting and other systems and products attracted many professionals to come to exchange and inquire.

As a leading company in the industry, LEELEN has always spoken with quality and service during its nearly 30 years of development. This is also the reason why LEELEN products are highly sought after this time. With the rapid development of the smart home industry, LEELEN will continue to focus on user needs, concentrate on research, continue to innovate, and continue to create products that are more sophisticated and provide better services.

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