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Award again!LEELEN Won the Title of “Top10 Brands of Building Intercom in 2018”

  • December 10, 2018

On December 6, the award ceremony for The Intelligent Building Brand Awards in 2018 was held in Guangzhou. Dozens of experts in the field of building intelligence, leaders attended the event and witnessed the announcement of this honorary moment. Yang Xu, manager of LEELEN Market Management Department and Wu Xin, regional manager of Guangzhou Branch attended the meeting.

The award ceremony announced the winners list. After fierce competition, LEELEN finally won the “Top10 Brands of Building Intercom in 2018”. LEELEN once again won the honor which carries the high hopes of the public and the industry, and further explains the value of the LEELEN brand!

LEELEN has been operating the building intercom industry for many years. With the mission of “Let people live in the five-star home”, LEELEN has focused on R&D and innovation. This award is a great affirmation of LEELEN’s outstanding performance in the security field. LEELEN will continue to make progress and bring more quality products and solutions to the industry and the public to help the development of China’s intelligent building industry!

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