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Development Prospects And Trends Of Smart Security In The Construction Of Smart Cities

  • 2020-02-13 11:00:50

I. Development status of smart security in smart city construction in the era of AI and big data

In recent years, in the network, data and calculation, chips, algorithm based power technology, along with the Internet of things, such as large data analysis, artificial intelligence technology and application of matures, especially in computer vision, video structured analysis and video image depth study the introduction of artificial intelligence technology, such as the depth of the public security big data and social data mining, city public security intelligence levels rising. "AI+ security" is becoming the focus and consensus of security industry development.

The security industry is also developing from a single security field to the application direction of smart city in various fields, aiming to improve the production efficiency, improve the intelligence degree of life, and provide more industries and people with visual and intelligent solutions.

II.Development prospect and trend of smart security in smart city construction.

With AI, big data and other technologies in the field of security applications continue to deepen. The future development trend of smart security is mainly manifested in three aspects:

1. "cloud + terminal" full intellisense

The combination of AI and front-end equipment perception, by giving the front edge of computing power, like identification, vehicle identification, behavior identification can be part of the intelligent analysis functions such as lead, realize "cloud + end" AI security overall architecture, satisfy urban security intelligent application requirements for multiple segmentation scenario, and through calculation and data of the marginalized, reduce the pressure on the network data transmission and dependence on data center, better promote efficiency of entire network intelligent.

2. Man-machine coordinated intelligent operations

The 2030 report on living in artificial intelligence released by Stanford university in the United States comprehensively evaluates the development of artificial intelligence, and lists human-computer mutual compensation and enhanced intelligent cooperative system as one of the important development trends of AI in the future. Man-machine collaborative intelligence cooperation requires machine cognitive ability based on human state model, man-machine knowledge sharing ability based on knowledge graph, and multi-machine global planning ability based on intelligent reasoning. In the field of intelligent security, man-machine system can play a role in remote emergency command, joint search and rescue at the scene of accident, and operation in areas inaccessible to human beings, realizing active cognition and mutual cooperation of man-machine organization. In an emergency situation, the public can send help signals to the video surveillance system through gestures.

3. Global cognitive intelligence

Security big data sets the data of multiple departments and systems at different time points, and the data value density is very low. The lack of global data analysis ability seriously restricts the application of security data. In the future, machine learning will be able to process in real time the large scale and full amount of multi-source data that cannot be understood by human beings, and understand the complex hidden laws that are not found by human beings from the massive data. Finally, it will be able to make the strategy beyond the sub-optimal decision of human beings from the global perspective, which is the key direction of the development of intelligent security.

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