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Five Smart Security Systems Help Home Safety

  • 2021-01-15 10:13:35

Intelligent security system is a comprehensive application of sensing technology, radio technology, fuzzy control technology and other technologies. It uses modern broadband information network and radio network platform to control home appliances, home environment, home monitoring, home security, home information exchange, home entertainment, community management and service integration constitute an intelligent system product, which is a new product with strong technical and forward-looking. This system includes door magnetic sensor, infrared wide-angle detector, infrared curtain detector, etc., which is extremely suitable for communities.

Five Systems of Smart Security  

1. Anti-theft alarm system

By installing various intrusion detectors to detect personnel activities in designated areas, once an intrusion is found, the detector will send out an alarm signal to deter, and at the same time, the linkage alarm can achieve the anti-theft effect.

2. Video surveillance system

The video surveillance system uses image surveillance as a means to monitor and record live images in real time. Nowadays, video surveillance systems can be seen in the streets and alleys of our country, and video surveillance is an important part of the security system.

3. Entry and exit control system

The entrance and exit control system is mainly composed of an access control system, which can control the access authority of personnel, and of course, it can perform authority operations on the area. Access methods include IC card access control, password access control, and biometric access control. The most popular one is facing recognition access control. In addition, the parking lot management system is also one of the entrance and exit control systems in terms of classification, but the difference between people and things.

4. Building intercom system

The communication bridge equipment between the property and the owner, the owner and the visitor can provide two-way talk or visual intercom, remote unlocking, alarm and other functions.

5. Electronic patrol system

Large shopping malls or outdoor areas have many entrances and exits, and the personnel coming and going are naturally complicated. The deployment of personnel to patrol will greatly improve the security system. The electronic patrol system is a device that sends signals to the center at a specified time and place on a prescribed route to ensure that patrol personnel can arrive on time.

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