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Intercom: an important bridge connecting smart communities and smart homes

  • 2020-05-22 09:31:31

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's social economy and the significant improvement of people's living standards, many people have begun to focus on creating a warm and convenient home environment, and smart home has gradually entered people's lives. As a primary product of smart homes, building intercom systems have been rapidly developed in the smart home.

The function of building intercom is getting smarter now. In addition to the traditional basic voice intercom and unlock functions, some of the intercom products currently on the market also combine shortcut functions such as dispatch system, home control, security alarm, video surveillance, mobile SMS notification, and mobile APP remote, There is a huge leap forward in function expansion and usage.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, some communities also used advanced technology and intercom equipment, disinfection drones and other equipment to build a line of defense to reduce the possibility of cross-infection of personnel and ensure the safety and health of community residents. Specifically, it is mainly divided into the following three aspects.

First, the community can be installed with a face recognition system to open the door, avoiding contact opening by swiping cards, keys, and handles, reducing the risk of virus infection. Second, the intelligent voice call system and intelligent building intercom system can be installed inside the building, which can help residents call the elevator without contact, further reducing the risk of infection. Thirdly, a voice control system can be installed in the occupant's room. When the homeowner enters the door, he can control the lights and turn on the curtains, etc., which can eliminate the step of disinfecting the switch and make it more convenient for the homeowner to use the smart products at home.

Taken together, the video intercom system serves as an important bridge between smart communities and smart homes, and between families and communities. Its market potential and demand are huge.

With the continuous expansion of the scale of domestic residential communities and the number of households, users' demands for building intercom networking and function integration are also increasing. How to solve the problems of long-distance transmission of signals, anti-interference ability of signals and multi-channel transmission of signals are all testing the innovation ability and product development level of major manufacturers.

Driven by the rapid development of technologies such as AI, cloud computing, the Internet, the Internet of Things, and big data, a new era of China's home appliance industry upgrade has arrived. The future development direction of smart home should be easy to use and practical. With the continuous maturity of supporting technologies for smart homes, digital intercom products and smart building intercom systems will achieve new innovations in their functions.

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