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Interview --- Smart Community Construction (2)

  • 2018-12-06 09:45:20

Q: What’s the current situation of the construction of smart communities?

Mr. Tang: In recent years, the construction of smart communities was in full swing. In addition to the traditional building intercom enterprises and security enterprises began to construct smart communities, some famous real estate enterprises and property companies also begun to contact the construction of smart communities. However, there is no denying that some problems are still prominent in the construction and application of smart communities.

At present, we don’t have unified standards of smart community construction. And some factors such as the uneven hardware quality of infrastructure, non-universal protocol, poor compatibility and so on increase difficulty of practical application.


Q: From the perspective of security, what should be included in the construction of smart communities?

Mr. Tang: From the perspective of security, there are 8 parts of smart community construction: the entrance and exit management in community, smart elevator control, building entrance management, smart parking, smart security, intelligent management and service, smart pension. For example, the entrance and exit management of building can use the cloud intercom system which have 8 ways to open the door through the face recognition, fingerprint, QR code, IC card, ID card, mobile app, remote video, keypad.


Q: According to information, LEELEN’s smart community total solutions have construction program across the country. So how’s it going? And what is the attitude of the owner and property company attitude to the smart community?

Mr. Tang: LEELEN smart community program try best to meet the consumer needs and continuously update our program. Up to 2017, LEELEN have 41 Smart Community program across the country.


Q: The Smart Community construction needs multi-faceted participation. In addition to the relevant technology support, what kind of support can be provided by relevant government department?

Mr. Tang: At present, the smart community construction is still in the primary development stage where the proportion of government guidance is relatively large, and the social participation is relatively small. In addition to the participation of government and operators, the resources allocation of market has not played its due role in the Smart Community construction, which has affected the enthusiasm of enterprises or investors to participate.

The government should assume the role of planning, coordination and guidance in the construction of smart communities, promote the standardization of smart community platform and ICT systems, coordinate the formulation of interface standards, promote the healthy development of smart community technologies, markets, services, and standards.


Q: what is the future development trend of the smart community? How will LEELEN’s smart community construction advance next?

Mr. Tang: With the continuous innovation of technology and the strong support of the state and the government, enterprises will continue to be committed to research and development innovation. We believe that the future development trend of smart communities will be reflected in the following aspects: 1. Standardization of platforms and communication protocols; 2. System integration and networking; 3. Intelligent equipment and services.

In the process of facing the future market, LEELEN will continue to improve the optimization and upgrading of hardware equipment systems with the help of big data brought by cloud platform, and build a more increasingly comprehensive smart community total solution.



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