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Tips for Layman Choosing a Home Intercom System

  • 2019-03-15 10:52:50

With the increasing awareness of security, many measures have been taken for security protection. One of the ways in which people can greatly enhance the security measures for home is to install an intercom system. Intercom system ensures people exactly know who is at the door, achieve remote unlock, and make an instant response once emergency circumstances happen. However, with so many different types of the intercom system, how do you choose the right intercom system for your home? If you have no idea about this, this article may help you solve the problem.

Know the product information

1. the types of the intercom system

There are two types of intercom system: analog intercom system and digital intercom system. The analog intercom system mainly uses bus technology transmission. The digital intercom system uses TCP/IP to transmit security signals, home appliance control signals and three-table acquisition signals, audio and video signals, etc.

2. the basic components of the intercom system

a. indoor unit

It has the following features: house-to-house intercom, video intercom, lift-control, anti-hijacked alarm, remotely unlock, make linkage with the alarm probe (such as the external infrared detector, door magnet, smoke, gas, etc.).

b. outdoor unit

It provides calls between residents and visitors. Moreover, residents can receive images of visitors through the camera in the outdoor unit.

c. guard unit

Its main functions are: receiving the call signal of the household and making a call; calling any household; receiving the call signal of each outdoor unit and making a call and unlocking; monitoring the situation of the outdoor unit.

d. middleware

When we have the basic equipment, we also need other intermediate equipment to build the entire system. According to different needs and functions, the general intermediate equipment is digital network distributor, digital access controller, digital elevator controller, dry contact elevator controller, access control read head, and elevator control read head, card sender and power supply.

Video and audio quality

The most important function of intercom products is their video and audio function. Clear images allow us to confirm the identity of visitors and prevent criminals from entering the residential area. And good audio effects also ensure that we are in a smooth communication process with visitors, and there is no such thing as inaudible hearing. So when you choose products, you need to place emphasis on the quality of video and audio.

Pay attention to the products’ warranty

After choosing the product you want, knowing the warranty period of the product is also an important step that we can’t ignore. Choosing a seller with good and convenient after-sales service greatly improve the speed of the product repair and reduced a lot of trouble.

Seek advice from experts

After picking the products you want, it is best to consult an expert because the layout of each house or community is different. This avoids the situation where you have bought a product and found it unusable.

By using these tips, choose a suitable intercom will be an easy task for you and you can enjoy many benefits of a good intercom system without the worries.

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