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Roles of the Video Intercom in Our Family

  • 2019-02-28 09:44:28

Nowadays, more and more families choose to install video intercom systems, but do you really understand the roles it plays in our family?

1.Solider stationed at the gate

The reason why we set the gate is to protect the safety of residents and their property and to avoid the random entry of some criminals. In this process, video intercom has also played a very important role. It is like a soldier stationed at the gate, and strictly guarding the safety of the residents. When a visitor makes a call to the user, the user can determine the identity of the incoming person through a video intercom and then decide to open the door or not. This approach prevents some criminals from sneaking into the community and reduce some potential dangers. In addition, the resident can also monitor the doorway at any time through the indoor unit monitoring outdoor unit.

2.housekeeper on call

At home, there are many inevitably unexpected emergencies. At this time, video intercoms have given us a lot of help as a housekeeper.

defense area management

Video intercom system provides 8 zones. Once the door magnets, infrared alarm detectors, smoke detectors, gas alarms and other equipment installed in the home are connected to the indoor unit, the video intercom system is upgraded to a security technology prevention network. It can communicate with property management center or community guards, thus providing security protection against burglary, disaster prevention, and gas leakage, and providing maximum security for the lives and property of residents.

anti-hijacked alarm function

When an emergency occurs, the user can directly call the property management center for help by pressing the alarm button of the indoor unit. However, if you are held hostage, you can choose to use anti-hijacked alarm function.

When the resident is held by the gangsters and request to disarm, the resident enters the hijacked password to perform normal disarming. At the same time, the indoor unit automatically sends a distress signal to the management center. In this way, the resident can wait for the rescue of others without disturbing the gangsters.

3.Capable assistant

Video intercom is not only a soldier guarding the gate, a housekeeper who protects us, but also a capable assistant in our lives, which greatly improves our efficiency.

Property information reception

The property management center can publish public information such as weather forecast, community service, etc. through the information release system. This improves communication between the property management center and residents and tries to avoid the occurrence of missing notifications.

Picture taken and leave a message

If the resident is not at home when there is a visitor, the system will automatically capture and store the visitor image to facilitate the household to check and contact afterward.

Remote unlocking

After the resident confirms the identity of the visitor, press the unlock button to unlock without wasting time to unlock the door at the community gate.

Elevator call

When the resident is ready to go out, he can call the elevator through the indoor unit, so that the elevator can reach the floor of the resident in advance, avoiding the residents waiting for a long time at the elevator door.

After reading this article, I believe that you have a deeper understanding of the roles that video intercom plays in our home. If you are interested in video intercom, please click here to find out more.

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