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What are the Benefits of Video Intercom for Our Lives?

  • 2019-05-17 15:14:48

1. Avoid criminals entering the community

The most important reason why we want to install video intercom is to protect people and property. The most intuitive feature of a video intercom product is visual. When someone visits, you can use the camera to determine the identity of the visitor and avoid the situation where strangers enter.

When there is a visitor, a call record and corresponding photo storage or video storage will be generated, which can be conveniently viewed by the owner and alert to the situation of strangers approaching.

2. Simplify the unlocking step

Another basic function of the intercom is to unlock. If you live on a high floor or are busy doing things, there is a guest to visit, after confirming the identity of the guest through the camera, you can directly unlock through the button on the surface. This not only saves time to downstairs, but also does not have to wait for visitors.

3. Focus on the situation of children or the elderly better

When you have an old man or a child at home, you can choose to install a camera in their room. In this way, the indoor unit can be used to monitor the situation of the room to avoid accidents for children or the elderly.

4. Expand the function of the extension

The current indoor unit can not only support the function of intercom and unlocking, but also be compatible with other systems, such as smart home.

5. Maintain better contact with the property management center

When there is a dangerous situation, you can get help from the property management center by pressing the alarm button on the indoor unit.

In daily life, the property management center will also release the cell information to each household through the guard unit, strengthen the connection with the users, and avoid the situation of missed notifications.

Video intercom provides us with convenience and quality of life. If you have questions about choosing the right video intercom, you can click here for help.

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