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“China Security” Feature Article|The Development and Application of Smart Home in the Construction of Smart City

  • January 04, 2019

The article was written by Wang Yuanchun, deputy dean of LEELEN the Institute of IoT, was published in the “China Security” magazine No.156 in the form of a feature article.

“China Security”, founded in 2006, is sponsored by the CSPIA (China Security & Protection Industry Association) and the Institute of Science and Technology Information of the Ministry of Public Security. It is one of the authoritative magazines in China’s security industry.

01 The development status of smart home

Smart Home is a residential platform that integrates home-related facilities with integrated wiring, network communication, security protection, automatic control, artificial intelligence, etc. to build an efficient management system which consists of residential facilities and family agenda, enhance home security, convenience, comfort, and artistry and achieves an environmental protection and energy-saving living environment. According to the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the compound growth rate of China’s smart home market in the next five years (2017-2021) is about 48.12%, and the market size will reach 436.9 billion yuan in 2021. Analysys predicts that the market scale will reach 180 billion yuan with the building of main smart home system platform and big data service platform, the maturing downstream equipment manufacturers, smart home products accepted by the consumer market. Although the estimates are different, China’s smart home market has gradually become the focus of the global smart home market growth.

Current smart home achievable functions include lighting control, door and window control, HVAC control, household appliance control, audio and video control, safety protection, environmental testing, health monitoring, energy management, etc. which cover all aspects of home life. Human-computer interaction has many ways: panel interaction, voice interaction, mobile APP interaction, etc. Thanks to the mature application of artificial intelligence such as speech recognition, fingerprint recognition, face recognition and so on, the user experience of smart home products can be greatly improved.

In the face of such a huge smart home market, the business model and profit space of Internet enterprises are based on big data, and the form of data acquisition is realized through smart home products. Users are not only the users of smart home products but also the producers of home data and even Internet content.

02 the function and influence of smart home in the construction of smart city

With the rapid development of China’s economy, the urbanization process continues to advance, the urban population is growing rapidly, and the scale of the city is expanding. The super-large cities have brought problems in management, life, and even ecology. It urgently needs to improve resource utilization efficiency, urban management level and people’s quality of lives through the construction of smart cities. As the most basic component of the city, the family connects the community and city through the smart home system to improve the quality of people’s lives and the management efficiency of the city. People obtain information about the people’s livelihood related to the city through the smart home. The city management party gathers the data of each family through the smart home to form big data, which is conducive to management decision –making and precise service so that everyone is inseparable from the city.

With the rapid development of the industry, the impact on the construction of smart cities will become more and more important, and the people will rely more and more on smart homes.

03 Difficulties and bottlenecks in the development of smart home

As a systemic product, smart home products are relatively professional and complex in engineering construction. Product delivery usually involves tedious process such as design, selection, installation, and configuration. Smart home products should lower the threshold of engineering design, installation, configuration, so that customers can even DIY assembly, reducing the difficulties and costs of products application. In the event of failure of individual products, it should not affect other parts of the system and can be quickly repaired or replaced so as not to affect the daily life of the user, and not let the smart home make trouble to the user.

The operation in people’s use should also be simple and convenient, so that smart home can become people’s life assistants rather than high-tech devices furnishings. And the smart home products can be popularized in the consumer market more quickly.

The smart home is an important infrastructure for the family, so the privacy protection and network security are very important places for the people. For example, smart speakers are convenient for voice interaction, but daily conversations are picked up at any time, and is the conversation content eavesdropped? The smart home remote video allows people to communicate with their family anytime, anywhere, but the private videos transmitted over the network be leaked? Smart home product is free to control the various devices, will they be illegally invaded to seize control? How to dispel the user’s concerns about privacy and security is a problem that needs to be solved in the current development of the smart home.

04 Deep case analysis of the smart home application

LEELEN and the Italian century-old enterprise AVE S.P.A jointly established Xiamen AVE LEELEN Technology Co., Ltd to launch the LuxDomo series of smart products for the global market. Founded in 1904, AVE has a long history of 114 years. It specializes in R&D, design, and manufacturing of switch panels, home intelligent systems and hotel intelligent systems. For different application needs, LuxDomo offers three series of smart home products: a. original Domina Plus series for high-end markets; b.  affordable cable series for mass consumer market; c. flexible installation and use of the wireless signal series. These three series can meet the various individual needs of different levels of the consumer market and have won the favor of users and the market.

05 The application prospect and development trend of smart home

Smart home benefits from the rapid development of technologies such as the Internet, 5G mobile networks and artificial intelligence, and user experiences are getting better and better. It can solve many practical problems in life, and meet people’s increasing demands for quality of life, and even change people’s lifestyle. The smart home can cover almost all traditional weak electricity industries, promote industrial upgrading, lead the industry development, and the application prospects are extremely attractive.

In the future, smart home functions will be more and more, systems will be larger and larger, control objects will continue to expand, control objects will continue to expand, control scenarios will be more flexible, control modes will be more intelligent, network security will be more secure, and interaction will be more humanize. Thanks to the smart home big data capabilities will be explored and utilized, and the smart home platform will play an increasingly important role. Through the platform to interact, exchange, and work together with various smart home systems, protocols, information, content, and control, smart homes will give users more choices and provide better and more comprehensive services for users.

The smart home spans the boundaries of traditional industries and emerging Internet industries and is developing towards diversification, individualization, and humanization. It will become an indispensable infrastructure in people’s lives and become the most basic components of smart communities and smart cities. Smart home makes people’s lives better.

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