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Home News Leaders of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information visit our company for investigation

Leaders of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information visit our company for investigation

  • May 20, 2020

RecentlyDeng Jianhua, the deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Informationand his entourage came to our company to conduct field research. LEELEN Chairman Chen Xuli and Chief Quality Officer Zhong Jianhua received the visiting leaders and held in-depth talks with them.

The chairman introduced the situation of LEELEN, current main work and development to the leaders, and showed the scenarios and applications that can be achieved by the overall solution of LEELEN Smart Home and Smart Community. The leaders fully recognized LEELEN achievements in smart homes and smart communities, and said that this is the future development trend of the industry and the prospects are promising.

The chairman also introduced that the epidemic sudden outbreak in 2020 has brought a certain degree of impact to the normal operation of LEELEN, but there are opportunities behind the crisis. During the epidemic, the prevention and control needs of smart and safe communities and the higher demands of people on smart homes have brought a positive impact on the industry, and then forced the industry to achieve transformation and upgrade.

Under the influence of the current epidemic, LEELEN was still able to maintain the stable performance growth in the first quarter. The leaders present couldn't help but admire LEELEN strength.

Through its steady development, LEELEN has attracted more and more attention from domestic and foreign counterparts, and has also received more attention from relevant government leaders. Government departments have visited LEELEN many times and provided valuable development advice and strong support for LEELEN. In 2020, LEELEN will live up to its expectations and meet the difficulties, providing better products and better services for the majority of users.

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