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Home News The 7th CSHIA Alumni Association 2020 focuses on LEELEN Smart Home

The 7th CSHIA Alumni Association 2020 focuses on LEELEN Smart Home

  • July 28, 2020

On July 23, the 2020 Smart Home Integration Service Conference and the 7th CSHIA Alumni Association were held in Hangzhou. As an annual smart home system integration event, it brought together outstanding smart home brands and the backbone of first-line integrated services. Wang Yuanchun, deputy dean of LEELEN Internet of Things Technology Research Institute, was invited to participate and took the stage to share his views on smart home related topics.

With the theme of "Renewing a New Start and Enlightening the Future with Smart Home", this conference systematically sorted out the industry development context, comprehensively counted the industry's innovative products, accelerated the promotion of service channel upgrades and market applications, and continued to stimulate the surging development momentum of smart home companies.

At the conference, Dean Wang shared with everyone on the topic of whole house intelligence. He mentioned that the smart home industry is facing pain points such as complicated wiring, cumbersome installation and construction in batches, and difficulties in upgrading and transformation. The 9 major system functions of LEELEN Smart Home + N solutions can fully meet the needs of multi-scenarios and personalized users. Based on development strategy considerations, LEELEN combines its own product research and development and cooperation with third parties to create a rich and complete smart home ecological product and realize diversified interaction methods.

During the conference, the full line of products of the 9 major systems of LEELEN Smart Home attracted a large number of audiences to watch and inquire. The rich product categories, exquisite product appearance, and N solutions suitable for multiple scenarios are all reasons to attract the attention of the audience.

As a leading company in the intercom industry in China, LEELEN always regards quality and service as the core vitality of the company, and continues to innovate based on user needs. In the future, LEELEN will work with ecological partners to create a better and smart life and realize the mission of "Let people live in a five-star home"!

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