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Large Screen Indoor Monitor

  • 2017-08-18 10:26:58

This apartment indoor phone adopts the concise design concept with the full touch 

screen which can bring you a whole new experience. as the part of IP intercom system, 

E70 has the advantage of new advanced system. IP intercom system is also called security

 door phone entry systemwhich has the features of  better communication quality, clear 

video transmission, more flexible power supply and so on. Surface mounting installation method 

makes it easier to install and also bring sense of beauty for your home. E70 indoor phone make 

the door communication system more easier.

Basic Functions:

Receive call from Outdoor Units, to intercom and unlock;

Call other Indoor Units and Guard Center to intercom;

Zone alarm with armed and disarmed function;

Receive and check the message from Property Management Center and other Indoor Units;

Two Silent Mode: Not Disturb Mode and Timing Not Disturb Mode;

Real-time linkage with the elevator to control elevator;

Long press 2 seconds for emergency assistance, send help information to the management center at the same time;

Support to link with 4-lines outdoor unit;

Play your own photos;

Extendable Smart Home function;

Technical Parameters:

Working Voltage: DC12-24V

Max Power Consumption: ≤9 W

Standby Power Consumption: 3W

Display:10.1-inch TFT LCD  

Operation: Capacitive Touch

Installation: Surface Mounting

Panel Material: Tempered Glass

Dimension(mm): 256×172×25

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