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Video Intercom Development

  • 2017-08-18 09:31:13

Video Intercom Industry has been achieving great progress up to now. From simple function of communication, unlocking to linkage control function of burglar alarm and information publish; from black-white video doorphone system to  color video doorphone system.


Along with the people's continuous requirements on security management and property management of the community, the main requirements of the market for video intercom products are:  

1.      Security

Visual intercom products belong to security products, the basic function of which is to meet the security needs of families and communities.

Therefore, users expect video intercom system can not only offer video intercom and remote unlocking, but also offer security function. Such as monitor the activity of the elderly and children remotely when the owner is away; a fire alarm, gas leak or burglar in the household can immediately notify the management center or the resident.


2.      Stability

Visual intercom system is a 24-hour security system. Users require excellent stability, because only stability can ensure safety. 


3.      Practicability

Practical video intercom products have exuberant vitality. In order to be welcomed by the users, the practicality of video intercom products is the key point. If users can browse photos, review useful numbers, check bills, etc. through video intercom system, which will greatly improve the degree of equipment utilization.

4.      Opening Functionality and Standardization

Video intercom products can't compatible with each other if they are manufactured by different manufacturer. Basically, video intercom products can’t interconnect with other weak electronic system. The reason is that there is no standard. No standards, no openness, systems can't interconnect. Therefore, the market expects video intercom products with opening functionality and standardization.

5.      Fashion-orientation

Video intercom products are not fashion in terms of appearance and application, compared with other consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, color TV and game machine,. As a consumer electronic product of household use, video intercom products must take the time to change the way, to have novel appearance and colorful application. In this case, video intercom industry can acquire more development

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