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LEELEN and Fujian Property Management Association Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

  • December 14, 2020

Recently, after the unremitting efforts of LEELEN Fujian Branch, LEELEN signed a strategic cooperation with Fujian Property Management Association and joined the supplier list of Fujian Property Management Association.

Smart property is an important application scenario in smart communities. In recent years, AIOT, 5G, and block chain technologies have promoted the rapid development of smart communities and have brought new development opportunities to the property management industry. LEELEN takes the building intercom as its entrance, focusing on the community and home fields. It is a professional smart home and smart community overall solution equipment provider. Its comprehensive strength ranks among the top three in the Chinese building intercom industry. LEELEN has 37 branches, more than 200 overseas offices, more than 30 million user groups and more than 20% of the market share across the country, and has achieved independent production of a complete set of products.

The smart property management cloud service system in the smart property solution launched by LEELEN is a management platform with property management as the core and facing properties, residents, and businesses. The system has functions such as integrated internal management of property, mobile office, community business circle, information release, and mobile app. At the same time, the system integrates community intelligent hardware equipment and enterprise internal information systems, optimizes management through enterprise internal information construction, realizes online and offline integrated services, and comprehensively improves service quality; it innovates service profit models,realizes diversified property services and value-added revenue.

The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement is a good start for both parties. With high-quality services and excellent product quality, LEELEN will be recommended entering the Fujian Provincial Property Management Association's high-quality supplier system, and be seen by more companies and users. In the future, LEELEN will also conduct in-depth discussions with the Fujian Property Management Association on a variety of business cooperation programs in property, smart door locks, smart homes, etc., and strive to bring more value added services to property companies.


According to the agreement, the two parties will establish a harmonious strategic partnership to give full play to their respective advantages and realize in-depth cooperation, resource sharing, and complementary advantages. At the same time, the two parties will jointly regulate the property service market, improve service levels and service quality, and jointly build a more beautiful and safe smart community. It is hoped that both parties will work together to create excellence.

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