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LEELEN and RONSHINE Group Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

  • March 02, 2021

Recently, in the fierce competition of RONSHINE bidding projects, LEELEN successfully won the bid with absolute advantages by virtue of high-quality product quality, service system and good corporate reputation. The strategic cooperation with RONSHINE once again proved the strength of LEELEN.


RONSHINE Group was established in 2003 in Fuzhou. In China's urbanization, RONSHINE has made unremitting efforts to improve the living environment and build a happy life with the vision of “a leader in quality real estate and a service provider for a better life”. The signing of this strategic cooperation is based on the agreement and complementarity between the two parties in terms of brand, resources, and core capabilities. It is a strong alliance of two leading enterprises. This cooperation strengthens the leading role of leading enterprises.


As a professional equipment supplier for integrated solutions for smart homes and smart communities, LEELEN currently ranks among the top three in China's building and apartment intercom industry in terms of comprehensive strength. It is the drafter unit of the standards of international, national and the Ministry of Construction.


In the past 30 years of development, LEELEN has gained a high reputation in the industry and abroad with its strong brand influence and corporate strength. It has 30 million users and more than 20% market share in China. LEELEN has reached strategic cooperation with many top 100 real estate companies. LEELEN always insists on providing partners and users with high-quality products and high-quality services, which is the biggest reason why RONSHINE chooses LEELEN.


This time, the strong cooperation between LEELEN and RONSHINE indicates that the two parties will carry out more in-depth cooperation in the direction of business development and will build a benchmark project for smart human settlements across the country. In the future, LEELEN will also insist on technological upgrading and product innovation, keeping up with market demand, and allowing more users to enjoy the ultimate smart life experience.

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