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LEELEN assisted the transformation of old communities, and the advantages of the face identification system were highlighted

  • August 04, 2020

In the daily management of the community, security is the top priority, especially the community access control system that is the first line of defense for community security. Recently, the old community renovation project in Shanzhuang Community of Chengde City and the Hutong Community of Ningbo in Zhejiang Province assisted by LEELEN has been fully reported by mainstream TV media.

According to the report, in order to create a safe community, the two communities have installed face identification access control systems in the communities. The two communities with a long history seem to usher in a 24-hour "smart security guard", which regulates the management of personnel entering and exiting the community. The system creates a safe, convenient and harmonious community environment. The community instantly upgraded to a smart community.

Report on the renovation of the Shanzhuang community in Chengde City

LEELEN face access control system with its friendly sense of experience such as fast and accurate face identification function, high traffic efficiency, and intelligent entrance and exit management has won the unanimous praise of the community residents. The effect of personnel control and the convenience of face identification function are full of praise. Community property management personnel said that through this system, residents' entry and exit conditions could be grasped in real time, which effectively improving the level of personnel control and ensuring community safety. The information such as the entry and exit records of personnel and vehicles collected by face access control and camera equipment are uploaded to the platform in real time, which can be pushed according to the needs of government departments to realize joint prevention and control. This system also provides great convenience to community workers.

Report on the renovation of Hutong district of Ningbo in Zhejiang

As a leading company in the building intercom, LEELEN has deep accumulation and technical advantages in the intercom industry. LEELEN face identification terminal is based on the high-performance, high-reliability, and high-stability safe community operation center as the platform, with industry-leading deep learning algorithms as the core, and realizes face identification, living body detection, high-speed face recognition and human face comparison app. The product has a large capacity face database, accurate face recognition rate and other characteristics, suitable for various pedestrian entrances and exits, such as community entrances, scenic entrances, school entrances, office entrances and other places.

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