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  • The Perfect Building Intercom System Solution Can Protect Communities Perfectly
    • August 03. 2017
    The Perfect Building Intercom System Solution Can Protect Communities Perfectly

      Building intercom systems can be used in high-rise residential, apartment buildings inside and outside. It can also transfer information between users, control security doors and so on.   In an emergency, the user can alert the property center through the intercom system equipment. It has a fully functional, reliable performance, large capacity, and beautiful shape. And it is easy and ...

  • Large Screen Indoor Monitor
    • August 18. 2017

    This apartment indoor phone adopts the concise design concept with the full touch  screen which can bring you a whole new experience. as the part of IP intercom system,  E70 has the advantage of new advanced system. IP intercom system is also called security  door phone entry systemwhich has the features of  better communication quality, clear ...

  • The Use of Face Recognition in the Security Industry (1)
    • August 18. 2017
    The Use of Face Recognition in the Security Industry (1)

    Face recognition has attracted more and more attention. In fact, the use of face recognition in the security industry is also very wide. 1.Video Surveillance      Combining facial recognition technology and video monitoring, the equivalent of the front-end intelligent analysis functions is integrated into the HD webcam inside. And changing the camera of the simple past only to ...

  • The Use of Face Recognition in the Security Industry (2)
    • August 22. 2017
    The Use of Face Recognition in the Security Industry (2)

    2.Smart City/ Community In smart city’s construction, facial recognition technology can be applied to community, and the zone. And hard and soft solutions will combine face recognition with the building security systems. It can bring new safety experience to enterprises and citizens. The in and out management of people is often the cause of disputes between property owners and owners. By setting u...

  • Interview --- Smart Community Construction (1)
    • November 27. 2018

    With the continuous advancement of the building of Smart City, the Smart Community and the IoT, which are the basic components of Smart City, are also the important invest and building point. LEELEN is a professional equipment supplier of Smart Community and Smart Family total resolutions. After 25 years of development, LEELEN has constantly introduced advanced technology and launched a series of ...

  • Interview --- Smart Community Construction (2)
    • December 06. 2018

    Q: What’s the current situation of the construction of smart communities? Mr. Tang: In recent years, the construction of smart communities was in full swing. In addition to the traditional building intercom enterprises and security enterprises began to construct smart communities, some famous real estate enterprises and property companies also begun to contact the construction of smart communities...

  • The key is about to disappear? Why use smart door locks?
    • January 17. 2019

    In recent years, smart door locks are considered to be an important entry point for smart home security in the industry. Smart door lock can solve the problem of unlocking across time and space, and can also monitor the state of the door lock anytime and anywhere, and make corresponding safety measures and feedback. Its functions are diverse and concentrated in next aspects: Biometric identificati...

  • Tips for Layman Choosing a Home Intercom System
    • March 15. 2019

    With the increasing awareness of security, many measures have been taken for security protection. One of the ways in which people can greatly enhance the security measures for home is to install an intercom system. Intercom system ensures people exactly know who is at the door, achieve remote unlock, and make an instant response once emergency circumstances happen. However, with so many different ...

  • What Scenarios Can AI and Security Combine to Apply?
    • October 25. 2019

    After years of development, the security industry has formed a mature industrial chain and a stable competitive landscape. The integration of AI not only enables the overall security system to be upgraded as before, but also extends the industry attributes. Now the key point of the security industry is to find Commercial application scenarios. 1.Smart home In smart homes, the application of intell...

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